Although Bai Jianshen said these words in the happiest tone, he had an urge to escape!

“Married?” Fu Sinian’s expression was frighteningly dark.

A storm was brewing!

Fu Qinian’s gaze fell on Bai Jianshen.

Bai Jianshen immediately felt that he had been emptied by this gaze.

“Madam Fu was the one who made the decision to marry you off.
Besides, Madam Fu wants a grandson… That girl is especially beautiful.
She’s clean and pure.
You shouldn’t hate her.”

“Clean? Pure? She married a man who was in a coma for three years and might not wake up.
What does she want from me?” Fu Sinian snorted coldly.

Apart from the Fu family’s background, what else could the Fu family have?

“Aren’t you awake now?” Bai Jianshen muttered.

Fu Sinian shot another knife-eye.

Bai Jianshen immediately turned around and went to get the computer.

Fu Sinian looked at the red pajamas he was wearing and his face remained gloomy.

Suddenly he noticed something odd about his mouth.

He couldn’t help but touch it.

His lip was torn.
From the inside.

And the break was so sensitive.

He’d been unconscious.
He couldn’t have bitten himself.

The only possibility was…

Fu Sinian’s heart surged with anger! He had actually been…

Bai Jianshen walked over with the computer and eagerly plugged it in.

“Was that woman with me last night?” Fu Sinian asked suddenly.

“That’s right.” Bai Jianshen nodded.
His nosy soul was about to burn.
He risked his life and asked, “Young Master Fu, did you really not feel anything last night?”

Fu Jianshen clenched his fists forcefully.

The last hope in his heart was gone!

It seemed that he had really… slept with that woman!

“I saw from the data on the computer that your brainwave activity was very strong last night.
This morning was even stronger than last night! I thought you would have woken up last night…”

Bai Jianshen automatically shut up and swallowed the rest of his words.

Fu Sinian’s breathing was unsteady.
He couldn’t help but think of what had happened between him and that woman!

An unprecedented sense of humiliation welled up.

How dare she do that to him while he was unconscious!

How dare she!

Fu Sinian swallowed his anger and turned on his computer.

After turning it on, the screen saver showed a photo of a girl in a white dress.

The girl was holding a sunflower in her hand.
Behind her was a blue sea.

Fu Sinian’s gaze froze on the image for a few seconds.

Bai Jianshen opened his mouth to speak.

However, Fu Sinian did not open his mouth to ask.
He tactfully closed his mouth.

An hour later, Fu Sinian closed the computer.

He wanted to continue working, but his body really couldn’t take it anymore.

The Fu Corporation’s situation was worse than he had imagined.

Back then, the project he was working on was shelved, causing the Fu family to lose two billion yuan!

He only had a preliminary understanding of the Fu family’s situation.
Perhaps in less than half a year, the Fu Corporation would face the danger of losing its funding!

His head throbbed again!

He lay back on the bed.
His face was drawn and tired.

Bai Jianshen sent over some nutritious food.

“I’ve already arranged it.
Now, other than Jiang Feng, me, and Young Madam, no one can enter your room.”

“Young Madam? When did I admit her identity? And why did you let her into my room? She’s not allowed to enter the sanatorium again!” Fu Sinian’s tone left no room for negotiation.

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