Bai Jianshen thought to himself, He was still unconscious yesterday, but his body already reacted so honestly to her.
When he woke up today, he denied everything!

“Young Master Fu, if she stays by your side, we’ll save a lot of trouble.
If you don’t let her come, I’m afraid we won’t be able to hide the fact that you woke up.”

Fu Sinian’s cold white face tightened, and he said nothing.

His current stamina could not keep up at all.
In fact, he could not even move normally.

If the outside world knew that he had woken up, those people hiding in the dark would definitely speed up and even use more forceful methods to deal with the Fu family.

In his current situation, he could not go all out to deal with these troubles.

This was not the outcome he wanted to see.

“She can come.
You can install a camera by my bed.”

“That’s not good, is it?”

Who was Young Master Fu monitoring?

No matter what, how valiant could this young lady be!

Fu Sinian glanced coldly at Bai Jianshen.
“Just say that the surveillance equipment is to keep an eye on my situation at all times.”

“Young Master Fu, actually, Miss Shi had no choice but to do that with you.
Her mother is seriously ill and urgently needs surgery.
Madam Fu has negotiated with her.
As long as she’s pregnant with your child, she’ll immediately arrange for her mother’s surgery.”

Bai Jianshen explained the situation.

After all, he had been there that day.

Fu Sinian stared coldly at Bai Jianshen.

The words caused no ripple in his eyes.

In fact, he had the urge to kill her for making him suffer such a great humiliation!

“What do the lives of her family members have to do with me? She could do such a disgusting thing to me for the sake of her family?”

Bai Jianshen had not thought of that yet.

“Alright, Young Master Fu.
I’ll arrange it immediately.”

Bai Jianshen did not dare to retort, afraid that he would anger Young Master Fu further.

Oh, what a girl!

It was a waste for her to meet the insensitive Young Master Fu!

… .

Shi Qian stayed in the hospital with her mother and only left after dinner.

Now, Shi Qiuran was the focus of the hospital’s attention.
The doctors and nurses were especially concerned and would be vigilant when they came to visit.

Shi Qian felt more at ease.

After leaving the hospital, she did not contact Jiang Feng.
Instead, she hailed a taxi by the roadside.

Half an hour later she was at Lin Shiming’s office building.

The twenty-story office building was still brightly lit.

It was obvious how prosperous Lin Shiming’s career was.

She heard that they had been preparing for a long time to go public.

Shi Qian set up the phone stand and aimed it at himself.
She pointed the phone at herself and started recording.

“I’m Shi Qian.
My ID number is… I am reporting my father, Lin Shiming, for bribery…”

After recording this video, Shi Qian sent the video to her friend’s broadcasting account.

This account had more than 10 million fans!

She had just posted it when her phone rang.

“Qian Bao! Did you send that video?”

“I posted it.
I don’t have many fans on my account.
That’s why I thought I’d use your account to post it.
It’s more influential.”

“No, I didn’t call to ask you that.
When you borrowed the account, I told you to post whatever you wanted.
As long as it’s not my ugly photo or our chat history!”

Shi Qian burst out laughing.

“I just wanted to ask you.
Are you really Lin Shiming’s daughter? That Lin Shiming, the richest man in Cloud City?”


“My God! What kind of melodrama is this! Am I the best you’ve ever had, Qian Qian?”

“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded.

“I have your back! Don’t be afraid! Do you need me? I’ll catch the last plane to Cloud City!”

“No, there’s no need.
I can handle it myself.”

“Alright, you must look for me if you need me.
Don’t do it all alone!”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded, feeling warm inside.

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