Lin Shiming returned home after a long day of meetings.

When Su Youwei heard the sound of the car, she hurriedly put on an apron with white lace.

She took the spatula and served the food the nanny had prepared in advance.

Under the apron was a tight skirt that hugged her hips.
The top was as full as it had been back then.

However, no matter how well she maintained her figure, Lin Shiming was getting on in his years.

He was not as strong as before.

Lin Shiming walked in and saw Su Youwei busy in the kitchen.

He gave his tie a tug, took off his suit, and headed for the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” He hugged Su Youwei from behind.

“Ah!” Su You shouted in panic.
“Shiming, when did you come back? You scared me!”

With that, she burrowed into Lin Shiming’s arms.

Lin Shiming noticed a bright red handprint on Su Youwei’s cheek.

“What happened to your face?”

“Nothing.” Su Youwei looked down quickly, avoiding Lin Shiming’s gaze.

Why is it red?”

“I accidentally bumped into something.”

“You knocked into something? Why does it look like someone slapped you? Tell me what happened!”

“Shiming, I…” Su Youwei opened her mouth and tears flowed out first.
“I went to the hospital to see Shi Qiuran today.”

“Why did you go to see her?”

“I thought she was so ill, and you two were husband and wife.
It was only right that I should see her.
Besides, I knew she needed money when she was ill, so I thought I’d help if I could.”


“You visited her and gave her money, and she hit you?”

“No, it’s not that.
I accidentally bumped into something.”

Su Youwei’s voice was very weak.

The more she denied it, the more Lin Shiming believed that it was Shi Qiuran who hit her!

“How dare she hit you! Like mother, like daughter! You don’t owe her anything.
Her marriage to me was over a long time ago.
What has her illness and death got to do with you!”

Su Youwei was secretly delighted.

It seemed that Lin Shiming really hated Shi Qiuran.

The most hateful thing was that Shi Qiuran didn’t jump down when she was so emotional!

“Shiming, I know.
I’m a bad woman who ruins other people’s marriages, but I can’t help loving you.
Even if you’re still with Shi Qiuran now, and I’m nameless and worthless, I can’t bear to give you up.
Even if I’m insulted, I have no regrets being with you.”

“Don’t say such things.
You’re Mrs.
Lin now.
Who dares to scold you?”

“Shiming, I love you.”

Su Youwei arched into Lin Shiming’s arms.

Her hands wandered over his body.

Suddenly, her movement froze!

He didn’t react at all!

He’s not really failing, is he?

“The company is about to go public.
There are a lot of things to worry about.
I’m a little tired after a day of meetings,” Lin Shiming explained awkwardly.

Suddenly, a car drove by the courtyard.

Lin Shiming’s assistant hurried in.

“President Lin, bad news! A girl reported you online.
The news has already spread throughout the entire Internet and caused a huge impact.”

With that, the assistant quickly opened the video.

“President Lin, this is the video.”

Lin Shiming watched the video, his hands shaking with anger.

“President Lin, is the girl in the video really your daughter? I’ve already informed the legal department.
Only by suing this girl and doing emergency public relations can you and the company’s image be salvaged.
Otherwise, this video alone is enough to affect the company’s listing!”

Lin Shiming gritted his teeth in anger.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t bear to sue Shi Qian, but he was worried that Shi Qian still had evidence in her hands.

Besides, what Shi Qian said was true!

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