This was so many years ago! At that time, he had yet to divorce Shi Qiuran.

This matter must have been instigated by Shi Qiuran!

Suddenly her assistant’s phone rang.

He turned and answered.

“CEO Jiang, what the video says is all slander.
Our company is in the midst of emergency public relations.
This matter will be settled immediately!”

“Please believe us! CEO Jiang, our cooperation is very important.
We can’t stop working together because of such a small matter! In that case, your company will also suffer serious losses.
Can you give us three days? We will definitely give you a satisfactory answer, CEO Jiang, Jiang…”

The assistant looked on helplessly as the call ended.

“President Lin, CEO Jiang wants to cancel his cooperation with us.
He’s more sensitive to what the video says.”

Lin Shiming took out his phone and turned toward the living room.
He scrolled for a long time until he found an unfamiliar number.

A few days ago, Shi Qian had called him.

However, he hung up after saying a few words.

He dialed the number.

While Lin Shiming was on the phone, Su Youwei quickly asked his assistant what had happened.

The assistant deliberately lowered his voice and told her.

Shi Qian looked at the incoming call on her phone and muted it.

She didn’t take it or hang up.

The phone screen stayed lit.

It rang again and again.

She didn’t answer until the fifth ring.

“Shi Qian! Delete the video immediately and then publicly state that this is a frame!” Lin Shiming’s exasperated roar sounded on the phone.

“Why should I?” Shi Qian sneered.

Lin Shiming choked.
“Because I’m your father!” he wanted to say.

But the words never came out.

“What do you want? I know.
You just want money, don’t you? How much?” Lin Shiming didn’t have the patience to tangle with Shi-Qian.

“No, I don’t want money.
I think your money is dirty.”

“What exactly do you want to do!”

“Lin Shiming, I’m not my mother.
I don’t know what it means to be tolerant, magnanimous, and let bygones be bygones.
I like it when the tables turn!”

“Back then, my mother shouldn’t have walked away and let you and Su Youwei live in glory for so many years! Su Youwei almost killed my mother today! I won’t let her off!”

Shi Qian trembled as she said the words.

She didn’t dare think about her mother’s thin body as she sat on the rooftop.

How desperate Mother felt inside!

“What did you say? How could Youwei force your mother? She was beaten by your mother at the hospital today! Shi Qian, I know you hate Youwei.
I was the one who insisted on marrying her in the first place.
If you want to hate someone, hate me! She’s not as bad as you think!”

“Ha!” Shi Qian sneered.
“Lin Shiming, you’re wrong.
Not only will I not let Su Youwei off, but you too!”

“Qian Qian, we’re father and daughter.
Do you have to go this far? Can you meet with Dad? Let’s talk in person.”

“Don’t call me that.
It makes me sick.” Shi hung up.

She sat by the river in the cold.

She didn’t want to cry because it wasn’t worth it!

However, his heart was dry.
It was as if a cracked land was aching after being burned by the sun.

After sitting for a while, Shi Qian took out his phone and dialed Jiang Feng’s number.

She had a decisive thought..

She will get pregnant with Fu Sinian’s child and let Mom undergo surgery quickly to get better!

… .

The call was hung up.
Lin Shiming was so angry that his chest hurt, and his blood pressure was off the charts.

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