Su Youwei held a glass of water and helped Lin Shiming take the antihypertensive medicine.
Her hand caressed his chest.

“Shiming, don’t be angry.
It has already happened.
It seems like Shi Qian is determined to frame you.
Let’s quickly think of a way to recover our losses.
We can’t let this matter affect the company’s listing.
The company listing is your life’s work.”

At the mention of this, Lin Shiming felt his blood rush.

Yes! His life’s work was about to be ruined by Shi Qian!

At that moment, the assistant walked over.

“President Lin, President Pei’s assistant also called to ask about this matter.
He said that President Pei is very angry and wants you to call him personally to explain.” The assistant’s voice sounded again.

Lin Shiming took a deep breath.
“Xiao Liu, inform the legal department immediately to prepare a lawyer’s letter.
If Shi Qian doesn’t delete the video and clarify her apology within twenty-four hours, the company and I will file a lawsuit against her!”


“Also, ask the PR company to handle it properly.”

“Yes!” Xiao Liu immediately went to make arrangements.

Su Youwei stroked Lin Shiming’s chest again and comforted him softly.
“Shiming, Qian Qian is still a child.
Was she instigated to do such a thing?”

“Shi Qiuran must have instigated this!” Lin Shiming had already determined that this matter was related to Shi Qiuran.


Su Youwei smiled.
She couldn’t wait for Lin Shiming to hate Shi Qiuran and Shi Qian.

That was because Shi Qian could still legally have a share of the Lin family’s assets.


Unless, of course, Lin Shiming had made a will.

However, she could not make this request so blatantly.

Her biggest worry was that Lin Shiming would reunite with Shi Qian again.

After all, Shi Qian was his biological daughter.
Blood was thicker than water.

“Shiming, it’s all my fault.
This must have started because of me.
It’s good that they’re angry at me.
How could they do this to you!”

“Don’t take everything on yourself.
This has nothing to do with you.
I’ll take care of it,” Linshmin coaxed gently.

“Shiming, you’re too good to me.” Su Youwei snuggled into his arms again.

She had experienced a dry couple of months, and her heart was burning with passion.

However, there was not a drop of spring rain from Lin Shiming.

These days were extremely torturous.

Something like this had happened again.
Lin Shiming would probably not be able to get hard even if he took medicine!


… .

Imperial Capital.

After Madam Fu finished dealing with the company, she returned to the old residence to visit Old Master Fu.

All these years, Old Master Fu had treated Madam Fu like his own daughter.

When Madam Fu saw Old Master Fu’s muddy shoes, she couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, did you go digging again?”

“I’m almost done.
I did some work.
I’m full of energy!”

Old Master Fu was already so old, but he still planted three acres of land in the backyard of the old residence.

He took care of everything himself.

That was all.
He even raised chickens and ducks.
He was completely self-sufficient.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back so I could stew a chicken for you?”

“Dad, I’ve eaten.
I have to go back later.” Madam Fu took a red book out of her bag.

“What’s this?”

“Sinian’s marriage certificate.”

“Oh, let me see, let me see.” Old Master Fu quickly took it.
“Is this the girl? Her name is Shi Qian?”


“Not bad, not bad, quite a match for our Sinian.
Any kid who catches your eye can’t be too bad.”

Old Master Fu’s eyes were filled with smiles.

He was over eighty and looked the same as if he were in his sixties.
He usually looked cold, tough, and intimidating.

At this moment, looking at the marriage certificate, he felt a sense of affinity.

“I want to go to Cloud City,” Old Master Fu suddenly said.

“Dad, why are you going to Cloud City?”

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