“To see our granddaughter-in-law.
I haven’t been able to give her a proper wedding.
With Sinian in such a state, it’s unfair to her.
Besides, I haven’t seen Sinian in the better part of a year.
I want to see her.”

“If you want to go, I’ll arrange for a private plane to take you there tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Old Master Fu nodded.

After Madam Fu left, Old Master Fu came to the courtyard.

The butler was immediately behind him.

“Jin’an, go catch an old hen, kill it and pack it up.
Then pack all the dirt eggs.
Also, bring a packet of the peanuts I planted last year.
Take whatever you can from the garden.
I planted these myself.
Let my granddaughter-in-law try them.”

“Of course, old man.”

… .

Qian Qian returned to the sanatorium.

She opened the door and froze.

The decor in the ward had changed again.

The festive atmosphere that filled the house yesterday was gone today.
Everything had been replaced with white.

Even in the middle of the night, with the light, it made her eyes hurt.

She walked toward Sinian, thinking how much worse he looked than he had the day before.

Maybe it’s the color of the sheets.

“Qian Qian,” Dr.
Bai said from behind her.
“Do you mind if I call you that?”

“Of course I don’t mind.” Shi Qian immediately shook his head.

Instead, she felt even more uncomfortable with him calling her Young Madam.

Bai, what instrument is this?” Shi Qian realized that there was an instrument beside the bed.

On closer inspection, however, the object looked less like an instrument and more like a camera.

Bai Jianshen was here to explain the camera.

“I discovered some reaction in Young Master Fu’s brain waves today, so I wanted to record it with the camera.
It won’t affect you, right?”

“It won’t affect me,” Shi Qian answered immediately.

Bai, what do you mean by Young Master Fu’s brainwaves reacting? Is he waking up?”

Bai Jianshen glanced at the person on the bed.

Young Master Fu should not be asleep yet.

Young Master Fu should have heard their conversation clearly.

“That’s a possibility,” Bai Jianshen replied ambiguously.

“Really?!” Shi Qian’s tone was excited!

“You’re so happy to hear that Young Master Fu can wake up?”

“Of course! I hope he wakes up today!”

As long as Fu Sinian woke up, she wouldn’t need to be pregnant with his child!

He definitely didn’t want to have children with her.

If Fu Sinian wasn’t willing, Madam Fu wouldn’t ignore her mother because of this.

However, Shi Qian only dared to think about it.

There was no such thing as a good thing in this world.
It just so happened that she encountered them all.

“Young Master Fu will wake up.” Bai Jianshen glanced at Fu Sinian again.

Did you hear me!

The young lady was so innocent and devoted to Young Master Fu.

Young Master Fu better not be too pretentious and waste her good intentions.


Shi Qian also looked at Fu Sinian and sighed softly.

Please don’t let him wake up after she was pregnant.

That would be tragic.

“It would be nice to know when he’ll wake up.”

Bai Jian thought to himself, If you work harder tonight, your dream will come true!

Still, he stared at the camera, speechless again.

Young Master Fu instructed Shi Qian not to know that he had woken up for the time being.

He could only continue to hide it from the young lady.

He wondered what Young Master Fu had planned.

Bai, I think—” Shi Qian suddenly began, but stopped mid sentence.

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