He looked down and saw a pair of long, beautiful legs.

Just the back view was enough to make one’s imagination run wild.

Shi Qian turned and headed for the bathroom.

Moments later, the sound of running water came from the bathroom.

Fu Sinian raised his hand and rubbed his fingers hard.

It was as if he had been greatly tainted.

However, he could not help but recall the touch of her soft fingers.

He pounded the bed.

Goddamn it!

The fire she’d stirred had yet to subside.

Was that how she had insulted him last night?

If she dared to touch him again tonight, he would never let her off!

Shi Qian showered and put on her pajamas.

They were long-sleeved cotton cartoon pants, loose and comfortable.

She pulled out her computer and sat on the couch.

The room was suddenly filled with the sound of typing.

Although she had applied for a leave of absence, she did not fall behind in her studies.

She had a double degree in Chinese opera.

His main focus was acting, followed by being a drama director.

Several of her classmates who had entered the school with her had already started taking on roles.
They had become new actresses and could produce one or two works.

She auditioned several times without success.

However, it was all because she had a good voice and already had a place in the dubbing world.

She had caught the eye of a show team and had been invited to participate in the Heavenly Feast show.

But her mother had suddenly been diagnosed with kidney disease.

She had to give up this opportunity and concentrate on treating her mother.

The first episode of Heavenly Feast was over.
The show was on fire.

It also made a few singers famous.

Shi Qian was not at all disappointed.
In her heart, nothing was more important than her mother.

After nearly two hours of work, Shi Qian turned off her computer and got up to turn off the lights.

She switched off the brightest lights, and the room was immediately plunged into darkness.

Fu Sinian tensed as he heard approaching footsteps.

The fire that had just calmed down suddenly caught on again!

In his current state, it was as if his body and mind had split into two independent entities, resisting each other!

They formed two extremes.

Nobody was giving in to anybody!

“Fu Sinian, good night.” Shi Qian tucked him in and turned to walk to the sofa.

Fu Sinian listened to her retreating footsteps and slowly unclenched his fists.

His heart clenched and relaxed.
His emotions were like a roller coaster.

Since he was born, no one or anything had ever made him feel this strongly!

At least she had some decency!

No, it was because there was a camera installed.
That was why she hadn’t attacked him.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have asked Bai Jianshen to check her ovulation phase!

That night, Shi Qian slept peacefully.

Fu Sinian barely slept.

That fire, somehow, was like wild grass in spring.

It couldn’t be burned away, and it kept reviving…

He must have been in a coma for three years.
The trauma to his brain had not yet returned to normal.
That was why he could not control his body.

Don’t worry.
You won’t be like this for a few days.
I’m sure you’ll be back to normal.

He consoled himself with that.

The next morning, Shi Qian went to the hospital to accompany her mother after breakfast.

Bai Jianshen turned on his computer and did a routine check.

When he saw the data in the computer, he spat out his coffee.


What exactly had Young Master Fu experienced tonight!

He wanted to click on the camera data in his computer.

But he didn’t dare.

If he saw it, he would probably be killed by Young Master Fu!

He did not want to die young.

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