Bai Jianshen put on his white coat and pushed open the door with his notebook.

“Young Master Fu, good morning.”

Fu Sinian’s forehead was covered in sweat, and his face was extremely pale!

“Young Master Fu! What’s wrong?”

“Head pain, ringing ears,” Fu Sinian said with difficulty.

“Wait here.
I’ll give you a shot right away.”

Bai Jianshen didn’t dare to delay for a second.
After the medicine was given, Fu Sinian’s expression softened a little.

“Can’t you inject three needles at a time?” he asked.

“No, your heart won’t take it! Besides, you can’t use this medicine very often.”

“The first two shots won’t help much.
Only the third one will.”

Bai Jianshen looked puzzled.

“That’s impossible! The drugs are all the same.
It’s impossible that the first two injections didn’t work and only the third one did.”

“After the third injection last night, I felt perfectly comfortable.”

“If that’s true, then this pain might be intermittent.
Let’s observe it for another day today.”

If it was intermittent, this situation was trickier.

However, Young Master Fu’s headache was quite sensible.

It knew when to hurt and when not to.

It did not delay things at all.

Fu Sinian still looked terrible.
Bai Jianshen didn’t dare mention what had happened last night.

He could only think silently.

Take it easy, young lady.

Young Master Fu had yet to return to normal!

However, looking at the data that night, Young Master Fu found it difficult to control himself.
Although he said that he disliked it, his body was extremely honest!

So, what’s the point of setting up this camera?

“Should we dismantle this?” Bai Jianshen poked the camera.

“That woman already asked you to check her ovulation phase.
Do you really want that woman to sleep with me again?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

“Didn’t you two—”


“You didn’t sleep together? But your brain waves have always seemed unusually excited.”

Fu Sinian raised his hand to the back of his head.
Sure enough, he found what was testing his brain waves.

He ripped it right off.

“I’m awake now.
I don’t need these things anymore.”

Bai Jianshen was speechless.

“So, last night, nothing happened between the two of you.
Those brain waves were all your own…” His words stuck.

Fu Sinian’s eyes were as sharp as the scalpel he usually held in his hand.

The young lady did not do anything, but Young Master Fu was excited for the entire night.

He just wanted to ask him if his face hurt.

Although Bai Jianshen did not dare to say it, he could not help but curse in his heart.

Fu Sinian pushed himself into a sitting position.

There was no feeling in his legs yet.
The strength had returned to his arms.

“Have you found the cause of my headache?”

“I examined you in detail yesterday, but there was nothing obvious.
I suspect you’re suffering from neurological problems.”

“It’s impossible to detect neurological abnormalities with just some instruments.
I can only prescribe some medicine and test them one by one.
Young Master Fu, you have to be patient with yourself.”

Fu Sinian’s face darkened.

Since Bai Jianshen had said so, there was no other way.

“Young Master Fu, when you were unconscious, Jiang Feng was watching a live broadcast one day.
I accidentally realized that you were abnormally sensitive to that streamer’s voice.
It was also from that time that your brainwaves started to react.
I think that we can still use voice therapy to treat both.”

“What is voice therapy?”

“Voice therapy is simple.
We will get the broadcaster to record some audio for you or treat you in person.”

“Record.” Fu Sinian chose the former without hesitation.

“Okay, I’ll arrange this.”

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