The video incident festered overnight.

It attracted a lot of attention.

The netizens were all preparing to savor the news.

After all, there were many big shots in the entertainment industry these days, but there were very few in the wealthy circle.

As everyone watched, Lin Shiming tossed out a lawyer’s letter.

The lawyer’s letter said that Shi Qian was framing and slandering him.
Moreover, Shi Qian was being sued!

Everyone smelled gunpowder.

This father and daughter were going to fight head-on!

At this moment, Su Youwei was naturally unwilling to stay idle.

She took the initiative to contact the person in charge of public relations and specially asked her out.

The person in charge of public relations was once a social butterfly in Cloud City.
Now, she had opened a company and dabbled in a lot of things.

It was said that black and white ruled over everything.

Su Youwei held her coffee and stirred it gently with a spoon.


A voice spoke behind her.

She looked up at once.

“Miss Ding, long time no see.
You look beautiful again.”

Ding Meini pulled down her sunglasses and sat opposite Su Youwei.

Lin is the real beauty! What has Mrs.
Lin been busy with recently? I don’t even see you playing cards at the clubhouse anymore.
I don’t dare to disturb you.”

“I’m not like Miss Ding as I’m not at home all day.
I have a successful career.”

“This time, Mrs.
Lin is looking for me because of Mr.
Lin, right? Don’t worry, Mrs.
I’ve already started making arrangements.”

“After all, one shouldn’t air one’s dirty laundry in public.
However, Shi Qian chose to disregard family ties for money and caused such a huge mess.
The company’s losses are immeasurable.”

“That’s true.
However, she’s a young lady, after all.
She doesn’t have any background.
I’ll go and negotiate with her.
With me around, Mrs.
Lin can rest assured.”

Su Youwei knew that Ding Meini’s subordinates were not all good people.
Her motive for coming was not that simple.

“Miss Ding, there’s something you don’t know.
In fact, Shiming has long cut ties with Shi Qian.
Shi Qian suddenly came looking for money and asked for it like a hungry wolf! It’s not that Shiming and I don’t want to give it to her, but she’s greedy and arrogant! If it were anyone else, it would be extortion! I didn’t expect her to bite back when we rejected her!”

“I’ve seen a lot of people like that.
Calm down, Mrs.

“This time, Shiming is really disappointed.
What Shi Qian has done has touched his bottom line! He hopes that Miss Ding will not worry about Shi Qian’s status.
Shiming will just pretend that there is no daughter.
He just wants results.”

“I see.
Thank you for reminding me, Mrs Lin.”

Three hours later.

Some accounts with tens of millions of fans online began to post long posts.

The content was roughly the same.

In conclusion, these were the following:

After Shi Qiuran divorced Lin Shiming, she became greedy.
Every year, she asked Lin Shiming to give her a child support fee that was no less than seven figures.

The mother and daughter were extravagant.
When the money was used up, she was seriously ill and had no money to treat her.
Shi Qian looked for Lin Shiming to ask for money again.
Moreover, this time, she asked for 50 million yuan!

Shi Qian was a student focusing on Chinese opera.
She posted videos to attract attention.
She wanted to be famous and go viral.

Some articles were accompanied by pictures as “proof.”

Su Youwei carried precious items and flowers to the hospital to visit Shi Qiuran and was slapped by her.

Instead, Shi Qiuran wanted to jump off the building and threaten Lin Shiming.

In a few short hours.

She had become an inhumane, unfilial daughter who would do anything for money, regardless of family ties.

She became even more popular because she was shameless with no limits.

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