When Shi Qiuran saw this scene, her heart ached.

If not for her, Qian Qian would not have married a vegetable.

There would also be boys like Song Yan who would heal her and love her.

Lin Shiming was not the only type of man in the world.

“Auntie, I have something to say to Qian Qian.
Can I take her away for a while?” Song Yan asked Shi Qiuran.

“Yes, of course.” Shi Qiuran nodded.

Song Yan pulled Shi Qian out.

He found a café near the hospital.

“Qian Qian, I’m sorry.
It’s all my fault.
I lost you for so long.
I didn’t know you had suffered so much.
I don’t know how you survived all these years! I’m sorry.” Song Yan held Shi Qian’s hand, her eyes filled with heartache.

Shi Qian drew her hand back.

For some reason, she had a strange feeling.

She was not used to such intimate touches.

She and Song Yan had grown up.
They were no longer children.

“Song Yan, how are you doing overseas? Do you have a girlfriend?” Shi Qian wanted to change the topic and asked casually.

“Haven’t I always had a girlfriend?” Song Yan asked with a smile.

Shi Qian was stunned.
“Who is it?”

Song Yan opened his mouth.
“You!” The words stuck in his throat.

She pretended not to understand.
She was being deliberately evasive.

It had to be because she was married.

“Qian Qian, I’ve learned about Auntie’s condition.
In her condition, she can only undergo surgery.
I can take Auntie overseas for treatment.
I know that you married that vegetable to raise money to treat Auntie.
You don’t have to worry about Auntie anymore.
You can divorce that vegetable immediately.”

At the next table sat an old man with white hair.

He frowned a little hearing that.

“How can I mention divorce to a vegetable? He won’t hear it if I do,” Shi Qian retorted with a faint smile.

She also wanted to take the opportunity to muddle over this topic.

She picked up the menu and placed it in front of Song Yan.
“Song Yan, there’s western food here.
Let me treat you to a meal and you can order.”

“Qian Qian, marrying a vegetable is like jumping into a fire pit.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life guarding a vegetable? Are you worried that their family will pester you and not let you go? I’ll settle it for you, okay?”

Shi Qian said nothing.
She took a deep breath.

“Don’t be afraid, Qian Qian.
I’ll never leave you again.
I’ll take care of you.
I’ll protect you.
I’ve come to keep our promise.
Will you marry me, Qian Qian?”

Shi Qian put down her menu.

She looked at Song Yan.

For some reason, when Song Yan said she would marry him,

There was no trace of joy or anticipation in her heart.

Of course, she could never get a divorce.

At least, not until Fu Sinian woke up.

“Song Yan, no one forced me to marry him.
I married him willingly.
Although he is unconscious now, I believe he will wake up.”

“And after he wakes up? Do you know him well? Do you know what he was like? Can you accept being with a stranger?”

Song Yan did not understand why Shi Qian was unwilling to leave a vegetable!

Even more unacceptable was the outcome.

“Song Yan!” a voice bellowed.

Song rushed over.

She looked at Shi Qian with an irrepressible anger.

She picked up the water on the table and splashed it lightly at Shi Qian!

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