“This is my business card.
My number is on it.
Call me when you think of a place to treat me.” Old Master Fu handed over the business card.

Shi Qian received it politely but without looking at it closely.

“What kind of physique does this Shi Qian have? Is it because men can’t walk when they see her?”

“That’s right.
That young man just now looked outstanding.
Now, this strange old man could even stand up for her!”

“Impressive, impressive! Both old and young!”

Shi Qian listened to these unbearable discussions and looked a little embarrassed.

However, the old man in front of her was definitely not what those people thought.

Although he was old, he was lively and righteous.

It made her think of her late grandfather.

As a child, her father had not doted on her.

She only had her grandfather to dote on her.

But Grandpa died too young.

“I’ll contact you.
I’ll leave first then.” Shi Qian didn’t want to face the strange gazes of others again.
She just wanted to leave quickly.

“Goodbye.” Old Master Fu waved at Shi Qian.

After Shi Qian left, Old Master Fu was no longer in the mood to eat.

The butler immediately handed him a walking stick and helped him out.

After getting into the car parked outside, the butler dared to speak.

“Old Master, why didn’t you tell Young Madam your identity?”

“Qian Qian seems to be in trouble.
I didn’t expect to meet her just by eating somewhere.”

The old man had heard that Shi Qing’s mother was hospitalized here.

Besides, Shi Qian was at the hospital.
As soon as the plane landed, he came here.

It was time for dinner, so he found a random restaurant.

The world was full of coincidences.

“Jin An, was I handsome when I saved the damsel in distress just now?” The old man suddenly asked.


Jin An was speechless.

“Old Master, how old are you? I was afraid that you would lose your balance and fall!”


The old man’s face fell.

He was unhappy!

“Besides, saving a damsel in distress is Young Master Fu’s business.
In the future, you have to take it easy and not steal the limelight.” Jin An did not give him any face at all.


After being scolded, the old man was like a defeated rooster.

“Old Master, you said that Young Madam is in trouble.
Do you want me to find out what it is?”

“No, let her settle it herself.
Let’s keep an eye on her.
I don’t think this girl will lose out!”

What a surprise just now.
She just splashed water on that woman.”

“That’s right! Otherwise, how can she support Sinian’s family! Think about it, Wen Lan has suffered so much all these years.
During the three years that Sinian was in a coma, she had to take over the Fu Corporation and take care of Sinian.
I’m afraid she won’t be able to take it.”

Jin An nodded.
“It has indeed been difficult for Madam all these years.”

“Now, there’s Qian Qian.
However, if Sinian doesn’t wake up, Qian Qian will be bullied even more! I wish I could live for another fifty years and protect these two children.”


“Old Master, Young Master will definitely wake up!” Jinzhong hurriedly comforted him.

“Therefore, I plan to not reunite with Qian Qian for the time being.
We won’t go to the sanatorium either.
Doesn’t Wen Lan have a villa here? Let’s stay there first.”

“Okay.” Jinan nodded immediately.

“When we’re settled down, stew the chicken we brought and send it to Qian Qian’s mother to nourish her body.
After some time, we’ll reunite with Qian Qian and get someone to send a few over in a private plane to nourish Qian Qian.
Look at Qian Qian’s thin and weak body.
A girl needs to be fleshy to look good.”

… .

Shi Qian paid attention to the news online, she waited for the incident to continue fermenting.

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