“Now, the Lin family is the richest family in Cloud City.
If we don’t fulfill the engagement and that family makes a big deal out of it, it will definitely affect your father’s reputation.
Marry that person and appease that family.
This can be considered as being filial to your father.” Su Youwei continued to persuade her.

She knew that Shi Qian was stubborn and would not give in easily.

Just as she was about to continue persuading her, Shi Qian’s voice was a step ahead of her.

“I’ll marry him! But I have to get this half a million before I marry.” Shi Qian did not hesitate at all.


“If you’re willing to marry him and once your father is happy, this 500,000 yuan won’t be difficult!”

“No! I have to get the money before I’m willing to marry him!” Shi Qian’s attitude left no room for negotiation.


“If you get a marriage certificate with that person, you don’t have to look for your father for this five hundred thousand.
Auntie will compensate you with her own money.
However, you can forget about getting a single cent until we see the marriage certificate.”

Su Yiwei was also an experienced person.
She would not act until she saw that success was certain.

“Alright, if I can’t get the money, we’ll fight to the death!” Shi Qian replied coldly.

“Shi Qian, that family’s son seems to be in a vegetative state.
He has been in a coma for three years! You have to think carefully!” Lin Qinghe covered her face and reminded her with a sneer.

Shi Qian was really too at ease when she saw money!

She knew that Shi Qian had no choice.

She waited to see her face panic.

But she didn’t get her wish.

Shi Qian only smiled faintly.
“I’ll marry him.”

She still sounded determined.

She would be afraid if she married a normal person, but wasn’t a vegetable the same as not marrying anyone?

What could a vegetable do to her?

“Shi Qian, you have to think this through.
If you agree, I’ll inform the family and meet with them tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian nodded.
“I’ll come personally with the marriage certificate to collect the money.
If you dare play any tricks, I can ruin Lin Shiming’s reputation alone without that family making a scene!”

With that, Shi Qian turned and left.

“Tsk, how dare you threaten me!” Su Youwei mocked.

“Mom, if Shi Qian marries that vegetable, will she never be able to snatch Brother Yan from me again?”

“Why should she snatch him from you? Do you really think that family is easy to provoke?! It wasn’t easy for them to get a wife for a vegetable.
No matter what, they have a firm hold on Shi Qian! If Shi Qian marries over, she will be tortured to death!”

… .

Shi Qian went to the hospital to visit her mother and returned to the rented apartment exhausted.

She checked the time.
It was almost eleven.

Her voice was too hoarse to speak.

The phone screen suddenly lit up with a message.

[Little Yellow Flower on Earth]: Qian Bao, aren’t you going to broadcast today? There are more than 3,000 people waiting for you to coax them to sleep!

Shi Qian raised a faint smile and typed back: I have a cold today.
My throat is too hoarse to speak.
I can’t do the broadcast.
I might not be able to do a broadcast for the next few days.

[Little Yellow Flower]: Oh, then have a good rest.
I’ll wait for you.

[Beached Whale]: Thank you.

After replying to the message, Shi Qian collapsed on the sofa.

Her mother’s surgery bill was settled, and she could finally relax a little.

She had started the live broadcast to make money and raise money for her mother’s surgery.

However, after broadcasting for so long, she did not earn much.

Every day, thousands of people in the live-stream only wanted to freeload.

If Mother’s surgery fees were not settled…

She was even considering showing her face, or selling herself!

Anyway, she just had to get the money.

She could lose everything but her mother.

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