“Please continue, I was disturbing you.” Bai Jianshen left.

Shi Qian looked at the thing in her hand and read the instructions.

Pretty simple.

However, the day was not right.
She had no need to test it today.

She put these testing strips away.

It was getting late.
She planned to take a shower first.
She still had to study for a while.
She had to hurry and catch up on all the classes she had missed.

Shi Qian grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom.

Fu Sinian slowly opened his eyes.

His head no longer hurt at all.

Is it because of the time difference?

Last night, it was also after she returned that the pain stopped.

Today was another day when the pain was gone after she returned.

No! He dismissed the idea immediately.
It had no scientific basis.

As Bai Jianshen had said, his headache was intermittent.
Coincidentally, when he was not in pain, Shi Qian caught up with him.

He glanced toward the bed and his face fell when he saw the fairy tale book.

She actually bought such a childish book to read to him!

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and he immediately closed his eyes.

However, the movement just now caused the book to fall to the ground.

Shi Qian heard the sound and looked in Fu Sinian’s direction.

She saw the book fall to the floor.

She strolled over and picked up the book.

Looking at Fu Sinian’s handsome face, she said, “This face is many times more handsome than those young hunks.”

“Why is your skin so good? It’s as fine as porcelain, so pale it shines.
I can’t even see your pores.”

Shi Qian couldn’t help but reach out and scratch the tip of his nose with his index finger.

Fu Sinian’s breathing suddenly stopped, and he almost broke character.

How dare this wretched woman touch him!

Shi Qian suddenly thought of a performance assignment she had to complete recently.

Performing a scene from a film.

The original film was about a mother who had no choice but to save the child closest to her when the flood came.
As a result, her child was washed away by the flood.

The mother went to claim fragments of her child’s body.

This part only had a few simple lines, but the requirements for acting were very strict.

She was not skilled enough to render the emotions.

She acted too lightly.
She wasn’t sad enough.

If she acted too seriously, people would feel that it was fake and exaggerated.

Qian Qian walked slowly to the side, gathering her emotions.

Fu Sinian felt the room suddenly fall silent.
The atmosphere suddenly felt wrong.

Shi Qian turned and suddenly hurried over.

She performed for the void.

“Where’s my baby? My son… Nian Nian! Is that him?” Her voice trembled and broke, matching her animated expression.
If anyone had seen her perform, they would have been sucked into the play within a second.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

What was wrong with this woman?

Shi Qian suddenly walked to the bed and held Fu Sinian’s hand.

Tears fell one by one.
There was no sound of weeping, but she acted out the saddest emotions.

She reached out a trembling hand to Fu Sinian’s nose.

This action instantly made Fu Sinian explode!

Due to her gesture, he automatically held his breath.

However, Shi Qian, who was immersed in her own world, did not notice.

“Nian Nian, I’m sorry, Mom…” Shi Qian choked and suddenly raised her head and wailed!

Emotions were the most explosive point at this time!

Shi Qian was completely immersed.

Fu Sinian’s eyes snapped open.

He looked at Shi Qing angrily!

Shi Qian was too focused on her acting and was blinded by tears.
She didn’t realize that Fu Sinian was already awake.

He was looking at her with disdain as if she was a fool!

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