She deliberately changed her voice to make it soft and sweet, like a clingy and unpretentious little lolita.

The content was similar to what she usually said in her live broadcast.

Within an hour, she sent the audio she made.

After Jiang Feng received it, he immediately went to look for Bai Jianshen.

Bai Jianshen clicked on the audio file.

“Little cutie, good evening.
Can’t sleep again? You have to sleep and wake up early to be full of energy! Boohoo, I’m tired, ha ~”

Then there was a yawn.

Bai Jianshen smiled when he heard this voice.

This voice was too soft and cute.

Bai, do you want to give it to Young Master Fu to try?” Jiang Feng was a little anxious.

It was clearly for Young Master Fu to hear.
Why was Dr.
Bai so obsessed with it?

Bai Jianshen made a copy in front of Jiang Feng before looking for Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian was lying in bed, trying his best to suppress the pain in his head.

Last night, he had been comfortable until he woke up in the morning.
About fifteen minutes later, his head started to hurt.

“Young Master Fu, we found that streamer.” Bai Jianshen walked in and handed the earpiece to Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian put on the earpiece and the sweet voice entered his ear.

Something strange happened.
His aching nerves suddenly calmed, and the pain faded.

The feeling was familiar.

It was as if he felt the same way when Shi Qian spoke.

Besides, he felt more comfortable than he did now.

Was this a coincidence?

Seeing his expression, Bai Jianshen knew that this method would work!

Fu Sinian listened for a moment and lost interest.

If he hadn’t been afraid that his head would hurt again, he would have ripped the earpiece off.

Did he have to spend so much time listening to this nonsense every day?

Bai Jianshen looked at the time.
It had been about ten minutes.

“Young Master Fu, why don’t you stop for a while and see how it goes?”

Fu Sinian took off his earpiece.
His head no longer hurt.

“From what minute onwards did your head not hurt at all?” Bai Jianshen immediately took out a pen and paper and began to take notes.

“The pain was reduced from the moment I heard this voice.
After about eight minutes, the pain will completely disappear.” Fu Sinian gave an accurate answer.

“Then we’ll make a conservative estimate of ten minutes.
Now let’s see how long it lasts without you feeling pain again.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded and turned to Jiang Feng.
“Jiang Feng, bring the computer over.”

“Yes.” Jiang Feng immediately took the computer over.

With his headache gone, he could resume his work.

In the morning, he read the company’s financial reports for the past three years and had a general understanding of the company’s operations over the past three years.

If he continued to sleep, the Fu family would probably be devoured!

Three years had changed too many things.

He opened a web page and searched for a social account.

The profile picture was a girl in a white dress.

She looked exactly like the girl in the photo on his computer screen.

The girl’s most recent post was from three years ago.

There was a picture of the sea with floating glaciers.

The post was short and to the point.

“Sea God, did you take my lover? Please, give him back to me!”

Fu Sinian picked up the phone lying by the bed.

However, he looked at his legs.

He put the phone down again.

… .

In the Lin family’s villa.

Su Youwei adjusted Lin Shiming’s tie.
Today, Lin Shiming had an important interview.

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