Shi Qian suddenly bent down, her head moving around the strap of her bag.

She turned around and wrapped her hand around the person’s hand with the strap of her bag.

She raised her foot and kicked the blond in the chest!

The blond was kicked back a few steps, and a red mark appeared on his wrist.

He shook his hand in pain and looked sulky.

“Damn! Bitch, you still have moves!”

The blond waved his hand and two more people got out of the car.

After all, this was the street.
They couldn’t waste too much time.
They had to get it over with.

Shi Qian knew that running forward was a dead end!

If she ran back, he would be walking into a trap!

At this moment, there was no one by the roadside.

She had no chance of winning against three people!

Besides, they were on guard.

“Hurry up and push her into the car! Damn it! We’ll deal with her when we get in the car!” The blond ordered the two of them.

The two men ran quickly toward Shi Qian.

“Who are you! Why are you capturing me!” Shi Qian shouted.

“Don’t you know what you’ve done? It seems that you don’t have any memory at all.
It’s okay.
In a while, we’ll teach you a lesson!” The blond responded obscenely.

“Little girl, you’re so pretty.
We can have a good time tonight!” The two people who were walking towards Shi Qian also smiled evilly.

“Help!” Shi Qian immediately shouted for help!

They both lunged at her!

Shi Qian’s shoulder was pressed!

One of them pulled her hair and gagged her.
The other lifted her legs!

Shi Qian immediately resisted with all her might, but she was still dragged into the car by the two of them!

“We’ll deal with her when we get to the car! She won’t listen until she knows how good we are!”

Shi Qian was stuffed into the car.
The door closed and the blond got in.

She immediately raised her foot to kick the yellow-haired man.

The blond grabbed her leg and slammed her back!

The back of Shi Qian’s head hit the car window.
The intense pain made her vision go black.

“How dare you attack us when you’re already in our hands!” the blond said fiercely, pulling Shi Qian’s hair.

Shi Qian’s wrist was pressed.

That disgusting face was coming at her!

“No!” Shi Qian shouted helplessly.

Suddenly, a car drove over and blocked its path.

Jiang Feng’s heart tightened when he saw the bag on the ground.

There was no one else here but a suspicious car.
He immediately blocked the car’s path!

“Do you know how to drive? The road is blocked!” The driver stuck his head out and shouted at Jiang Feng.

Shi Qian took this opportunity to bite the yellow-haired man’s hand that was blocking her mouth!

“Damn it!” The blond pulled Shi Qian’s hair and she hit the car window again!

They still had to record a video later.
They couldn’t hurt her face.

Jiang Feng heard the commotion in the car and immediately quickened his pace.

“How unlucky! I met a busybody!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Feng came to the car and saw Shi Qian in it.

Without another word, he punched the window of the driver’s seat!

The punch shattered the window.

The driver was shocked.
Broken glass fell all over him and cut his face several times!

The car door lock opened, and Jiang Feng immediately opened the door.

When Shi Qian saw Jiang Feng, tears flowed from her eyes and she cried out, “Brother Jiang Feng!”

Jiang Feng punched the yellow-haired man!

The blond was seeing stars.

Jiang Feng helped Shi Qian out of the car.
When he saw Shi Qian’s appearance, a trace of anger rose in his heart!

He took off his jacket and draped it over Shi Qian’s shoulders.

“Wait for me in the car.”

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