Shi Qian immediately ran in the direction of the car.

Jiang Feng walked forward and pulled the blond out.

Another punch landed on the blond’s face!

The blond fell to the ground and twitched.
Blood poured from his mouth.
Two teeth fell out of the pool of blood.

The other two were also afraid to get out of the car.

Jiang Feng walked over, pulled the driver over, and dragged him down.
He stepped on the driver’s leg.

The driver was on his knees, his face a mask of pain.

The other man took a few steps back and tried to run.

Jiang Feng was about to chase after him when he suddenly realized that the person had bumped into his car door!

He froze for a moment.

Shi Qian got out of the car.

Jiang Feng looked at that figure and inexplicably felt that this little girl was a little valiant.

He dragged the three men together.

Shi Qian was not afraid at all.
Instead, she squatted down and looked at one of them.

“Who sent you to deal with me?” Shi Qian asked the blond.

The arrogant yellow-haired boy was like a different person now, trembling in fear.

“It’s Miss Ding, Ding Meini… No, it’s Mrs.
Lin,” the blond said, suppressing his pain.

Ding Meini had only asked the three of them to kidnap Shi Qian and force her to record a video of her clarification and apology.
She did not ask them to hurt Shi Qian.

It was Mrs.
Lin who found them again and gave them extra money to do whatever they wanted without any scruples.

Moreover, they had to record videos of them playing around.

After the video was recorded, they would be given a large sum of money.

He was afraid of Jiang Feng’s strength and did not dare to lie.

Shi Qian already understood that it was not enough for Su Youwei to let her marry a vegetable.
She was going to ruin her completely!

“Young Madam, what should we do with these people?” Jiang Feng asked softly.

“Call the police and make a case,” Shi Qian replied calmly.

That would make it easier for her to do the rest.

“Okay.” Jiang Feng nodded.

… .

Old Master Fu was about to sleep when the butler knocked on his door.

“Old Master, something happened to Young Madam,” Jin An reported anxiously.

The old man immediately sat up and asked, “What happened?”

“When Young Madam came out of the hospital and waited for Jiang Feng to pick her up, a few hooligans almost kidnapped her.
Fortunately, Jiang Feng arrived in time and Young Madam escaped.”

The old man’s face was frighteningly dark.

Jin An was shocked by the old man’s reaction.

As far as he could remember, the old man had not been so angry in a long time.

“And now? Where is Qian Qian? How is this matter being handled?”

“I called the police according to Young Madam’s wishes.
The case has been filed.
Young Madam was accompanied by Jiang Feng for an examination.”

“Where was she hurt? Is it serious?”

“She hurt her head.
It was caused by the impact.”

Old Master Fu secretly clenched his fists.

“Old Master, I’ve already investigated the cause and effect of the matter.
This matter is related to Lin Shiming and his wife.”

“Young Madam reported Lin Shiming’s name.
Lin Shiming hired a public relations company.
First, he slandered Young Madam’s reputation.
Then, he sent a public relations company to settle this matter.”

“A bastard like Lin Shiming actually appeared in the Lin family! Qian Qian is his biological daughter! Even a vicious tiger doesn’t eat its cubs!”

“Get my clothes.
I have to pick up Qian Qian.”

“Are you going now, Old Master?”

“Yes, let’s go now! Sinian is unconscious now, and he can’t support Qian Qian.
If I don’t care, Qian Qian will be bullied to death.”

Old Master Fu regretted it now.

Although he wanted Qian Qian to handle this herself, he had not expected Lin Shiming to be so despicable!

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