It was eleven o’clock at night when Shi Qian finished all the checks.

The back of her head was bleeding from the impact.
She was bandaged and wrapped in gauze.

Originally, the doctor had suggested that she be hospitalized for observation.

She was hurt a little seriously.

Shi Qian thought that the sanatorium lacked nothing, so she did not agree to be hospitalized.

Jiang Feng was still doing the procedures and getting the medicine.

Shi Qian sat on the bench and waited.

At this moment, the wound on his head began to hurt.
Her entire head was dizzy.

Suddenly, she felt a figure walk up to her.

She looked up slowly and was surprised to see who was in front of her.

Wasn’t this the old man she had seen in the restaurant?

She stood up quickly.
“Sit down, Grandpa.
Why are you at the hospital so late? Are you feeling unwell?”

Old Master Fu looked at Shi Qian’s bandaged head with heartache.

“Does it hurt?”

Shi Qian was slightly stunned.
The old man’s concerned tone warmed her heart.

“It doesn’t hurt.” She shook her head.

But when she shook it, she felt dizzy.

“Don’t move.
Sit down quickly.” Old Master Fu helped Shi Qian sit down.
“You’re so seriously injured.
How can it not hurt?”

Shi Qian was surprised.

Why was the old man so concerned about her?

She felt as if he was her grandfather who cared about his granddaughter.

“Don’t you have to see a doctor?” she asked softly.

“I’m not here to see a doctor.
I’m here to see you.” Old Master Fu smiled.

“Huh?” Shi Qian was really confused this time.

“Old Master!” Jiang Feng’s surprised voice sounded.

He hurried over with the receipt and medicine in his hand.

“Jiang Feng,” Old Master Fu replied.

Shi Qian looked at the old man and then at Jiang Feng.

She felt like her brain wasn’t working.

Why did Jiang Feng know this old man?

“Old Master, when did you come to Cloud City? Why didn’t you go to the sanatorium?”

“I am living at Riverside Villa,” the old man replied softly.

“Jiang Feng, Qian Qian doesn’t know who I am yet.
Introduce me to Qian Qian.”

Jiang Feng immediately said to Shi Qian, “Young Madam, this is Old Master Fu, Young Master Fu’s grandfather.”

Shi Qian looked surprised!

After coming back to her senses, she quickly replied, “Grandpa Fu, so it’s you! I’m sorry, I was too rude.”

Old Master Fu smiled dotingly.

“So, when you got my card, you didn’t even look at my name? You even said you were going to treat me to a meal.
I guess you were just trying to coax me.”

Old Master Fu sounded like a child.

Shi Qian was embarrassed.
“I didn’t look at the card, but I didn’t think about forgetting the meal.”

“That’s good.
Let’s go back first.
Treat me another day.” Old Master Fu held Shi Qian’s hand and walked out.

Shi Qian followed him to the car parked at the roadside.

She felt nervous.

Fortunately, the old man did not ask anything along the way.

He didn’t ask how she was injured.

… .

In the Sanatorium.

Fu Sinian spent the day cooperating with Bai Jianshen’s treatment.

They finally concluded that the effect of a ten-minute video would last half a day at most.

Then, if he heard the same content, there was no effect.

When Fu Sinian’s head didn’t hurt, he was just like a normal person.

Bai Jianshen also used a lot of audio samples to test their effects, but it was useless.

He even sent this audio file for professional testing to see if it was because of the sound waves.

When the time came, he would simulate a similar-band audio.

As Fu Sinian listened to Bai Jianshen speak, a thought flashed through his mind.

Was Shi Qian’s voice going to be used to treat him too?

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