He didn’t tell Bai Jianshen anything.

That was because even if Shi Qian’s voice could do it, he would not let Shi Qian help him heal.

Thinking about how crazy that woman had been last night, Fu Sinian decided that he didn’t want to pretend anymore tonight!

He would wake up in front of Shi Qian.

He didn’t want to spend a day with that woman.

Before eight o’clock, Jiang Feng went out to pick her up.

Now the clock struck twelve.

Shi Qian was not back yet.

This Jiang Feng!

Did he know his identity! Who was he working for?

He was not Shi Qian’s driver!

Suddenly he heard a flurry of footsteps outside.

It didn’t take a long time for the door to be pushed open.

“Jian Shen, Jiang Feng has already brought Qian Qian’s examination report back.
See if there are any major problems.
Also, does she need to do other examinations? If necessary, arrange it.”

Fu Sinian frowned at the sound.

Why was it the old master’s voice?

He came to Cloud City too?

“Okay, let me see.” Bai Jianshen took the examination report and glanced at it.
His expression changed.

“Young Madam’s injuries were caused by a strong collision?”

“Yes.” Jiang Feng nodded.

She knocked into something?

Fu Sinian slowly opened his eyes when he heard this.

At this moment, everyone’s gaze was on Shi Qian and they did not notice him.

He saw that Shi Qian’s head was wrapped in gauze and there was a wound on her cheek.

Her eyes were red and a little swollen.

She looked pitiful.

This thought suddenly flashed into his mind.

The old man surrounded Shi Qian eagerly.

He had never seen the old man’s eyes so gentle.

This Shi Qian was really capable.

First, she had settled his mother.
Now, it was his Grandpa!

After Bai Jianshen finished reading all the examination reports, he said to the old man, “Old Master, don’t worry too much.
The hospital’s examination is very comprehensive.
When I change the dressing tomorrow, I’ll take a look at the wound.
For now, there’s no need to do any more examinations.”

“That’s good.” Old Master Fu heaved a sigh of relief.

Only then did he look at the bed.
Thinking of his unconscious grandson, he walked over.

“Jian Shen, how’s Sinian?”

“Young Master Fu’s condition has always been stable,” Bai Jianshen replied softly.

The old man shook Fu Sinian’s hand.

“Sigh, if you wake up, Qian Qian won’t be bullied.
You can support Qian Qian.”

Jiang Feng and Bai Jianshen looked at each other.

The same thought flashed through their minds.

No, Young Master Fu would not care about this when he woke up!

The old man only glanced at his grandson before returning to Shi Qian’s side.

“Qian Qian, are you staying with Sinian at night?”

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

“Old Master, Young Madam is very meticulous.
She knows how to read bedtime stories to Young Master Fu.
With Young Madam around, Young Master Fu will have someone to accompany him,” Bai Jianshen immediately said.

“What a good child.” Old Master Fu held Shi Qian’s hand lovingly.
“Sinian hasn’t woken up anyway.
It doesn’t matter if you accompany him or not.
He doesn’t know either.”

Bai Jianshen thought to himself, “How can he not know? Young Master Fu had a big reaction!”

“You’re injured now, so you have to rest well.
Although this is Sinian’s room, it’s still a ward.
How can you stay in a ward!” With that said, the old man turned around and instructed Jin An, “Jin An, get someone to prepare another room for Qian Qian immediately.”

“Yes, Old Master.
I’ll arrange it now.” Jin An immediately walked out.

Hearing the old man’s words, Jiang Feng and Bai Jian looked at Fu Sinian in silence.

Young Master Fu must have heard everything!

Only Old Master Fu dared to speak like that.

Now that the old man had a granddaughter-in-law, his grandson was no longer important!

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