Fortunately, the matter of the money was resolved.

Thinking of Su Youwei and her daughter’s faces, Shi Qian felt disgusted.

Was it true that good people did not live long and evil people lived for a thousand years?


Shi Qian dragged her tired body and went to take a hot shower.

She found a cold pill and ate it before falling asleep.

She didn’t think about the family she was going to meet tomorrow or the fact that she was going to marry a vegetable.

… .

In a private sanatorium in Cloud City.

A figure lay in a hospital bed.

He slept quietly, and even his breathing was very, very light.

If not for the rhythmic sounds of the instruments on both sides of the bed indicating that his various vital conditions were normal and stable, people would have thought that he was already dead.

Although the man had been lying down for three years, he showed no sign of sloppiness, not even stubble.

That face was unusually handsome.

His eyebrows were as dark as ink, and his eyelashes were as long and thick as two small brushes.

How attractive would those eyes be when they opened?

Even lying down, one could tell that he was tall.
He was about 1.9 meters tall.

For the past three years, he had been relying on nutrient fluids to maintain his life.
He was already overly thin and weak.

His skin also exuded an abnormal cold whiteness.

That indescribable feeling of being broken was heartbreaking.

There were two men guarding the bed.

One wore a white coat and had gold-rimmed eyes.

He was staring at an instrument on the headboard, making notes.

The other wore army-green cargo pants and a black tank top.


He held a phone in his hand and waited anxiously.

Bai, that streamer isn’t broadcasting today.
She’s always been very punctual.
Why did she suddenly stop broadcasting today?”

“I don’t know her, so how would I know why she didn’t do a broadcast?” Dr.
Bai flipped through the data recorded by the instrument and said, “Your Young Master Fu’s brain waves didn’t react at all today.”

“Then what do we do? Is it because we’ve been freeloading and she can’t make money so she won’t do the broadcast?”


“It’s you freeloaders.
What has it got to do with me? Jiang Feng, I’ve already said that freeloaders are shameless.”

“Hey! If I had known, I would have sent her a rocket!” Jiang Feng looked annoyed.

“Now, we can be completely sure that this girl’s voice can stimulate Young Master Fu’s brain waves.
This is the first time in three years that Young Master Fu has reacted to the sounds of the outside world.
Find her and bring her to Young Master Fu’s side.
Make her chat with Young Master Fu every day.
Perhaps she can wake him up.”


Bai, is what you said true? Then I’ll go find this girl immediately!”

“Also, don’t let your Madam and Old Master Fu know about this for the time being.
I’m afraid that if the treatment isn’t ideal, it won’t be good if they have too much hope.”

“Understood.” Jiang Feng nodded.

“Also, we can’t reveal any information.
We don’t want Young Master Fu to attract a bunch of wolves and tigers before he wakes up.”

“That’s for sure.
Everyone thinks that our Young Master Fu is still recuperating overseas!” Jiang Feng immediately nodded.

… .

Perhaps because of the cold medicine, she slept especially soundly.

She wasn’t woken until her phone rang.

It was Lin Qinghe.

When she answered, there was a lot of chatter on the other end.

“Shi Qian, get to Dongfang Shuiyun in half an hour.
Remember to dress well and don’t embarrass yourself.”

The line went dead.
Shi Qian sat up in bed.

After washing up simply, she changed into a white shirt, jeans, and a smoky gray wool coat.

She was 168 cm tall and weighed only 96 pounds.
As she had been dancing since primary school, she looked particularly elegant.

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