“What happened?” she asked impatiently.

“Madam, the JC is here.
Please get dressed and come downstairs.”

Su Youwei’s expression changed slightly and she immediately went to change her clothes.

She thought to herself.

Could something have happened to Shi Qian and the JC found their way to her house?

She knew best what kind of people Ding Meini worked for.

She must have succeeded and run away.

That little bitch Shi Qian had already been violated.

She did not expect that little bitch Shi Qian to dare call the police.

Was she shameless?

Su Youwei was secretly smug.
She was waiting for the blond to send her the video so that she could completely control Shi Qian!

Lin Shiming also woke up and sat up.

“What happened?” He asked Su Youwei.

“It’s probably nothing.
Go to sleep.
I’ll take care of it.”

Lin Shiming socialized until late.
He hadn’t slept long and was groggy.

Hearing Su Youwei’s words, he fell back down on the bed.

However, it didn’t last five minutes.

Lin Qinghe rushed in.

“Dad! Wake up.
Mom’s been taken! The JC said she’s suspected of kidnapping and intentional assault.
They want to take her to the Bureau!”

Lin Shiming bounced out of bed and ran downstairs without even putting on his shoes.

Su Youwei had already been brought to the door.

She had been secretly smug a moment ago, but now her face was ashen.

“Wait!” Lin Shiming shouted.

“Shiming, save me! I was wronged!” Su Youwei immediately ran towards Lin Shiming with panic in her eyes.

“What’s going on? What evidence do you have to arrest someone?” Lin Shiming questioned.

Lin, Mrs.
Lin is only a suspect now and needs to cooperate with our investigation.
When the investigation is clear, she will be back by tomorrow at the latest if she has something to do with the case.”

“If she’s really behind this case, she’ll have to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.”

“Shiming, I didn’t.
This is slander.
I don’t even know what happened.
It was Shi Qian who reported me kidnapping her.” Su Youwei grabbed Lin Shiming’s clothes, her body trembling with fear.

Although half of the panic was fake, half was true.

How did it get exposed?

Shi Qian was a weak woman.
A few people should be more than enough to deal with her!

How could she have made such a big deal out of it!

There had to be an accident.
This fire was really coming her way.
What was she going to do!

“Shiming, I’m afraid.
I’m not going with them.”

“Don’t be afraid.
It’s okay.
They’re just conducting a routine investigation.
Go with them first.
I’ll pick you up at dawn,” Lin Shmin coaxed gently.

Su Youwei was taken away, and Lin Shiming immediately made a call.

“Chief Jiang! I’m really sorry to disturb you so late at night.
My wife was just suddenly taken away.
Can you check what it is exactly? Yes, I’m still confused.
Okay, okay, I’ll wait for your news.”

Lin Shiming put down the phone and Lin Qinghe walked towards him.

“Dad! How could you let them take Mom away? Mom couldn’t have kidnapped Shi Qian.
Shi Qian must have falsely accused Mom.”

“Don’t worry.
We’ll know what happened when Chief Jiang calls.”

Within five minutes, Lin Shiming’s phone rang.

“Chief Jiang, has the matter been investigated?”

Lin, your daughter, Shi Qian, was kidnapped by a few hooligans on the side road of the hospital at around eight o’clock tonight and was seriously injured.
According to those hooligans, Ding Meini and Mrs.
Lin instigated this matter.”

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