“This must be a frame! The words of a few hooligans can be used as evidence? How can you just take my wife away?” Lin Shiming asked angrily.

Lin, have you worked with Ding Meini recently?”

“Chief Jiang, what do you mean? Do you suspect that I’m related to this matter?”

“I’m worried that this matter will affect you.”

“Will it not affect me if you capture my wife? Once this matter is exposed, the company’s listing will be affected! Do you know how much it will affect Cloud City if the company can’t be listed successfully?”

Lin, don’t be angry.
We’re going through normal procedures.”

“What procedure? This case has nothing to do with my wife! Let my wife go now! Otherwise, I’ll let Director Chen handle this!” Lin Shiming said aggressively.

Lin, Director Chen personally urged us to settle this tonight! You don’t know yet, right? All the businesses under Ding Meini’s name have been investigated tonight! Based on what we’ve found now, Ding Meini won’t be able to come out for the rest of her life!”

Lin Shiming’s voice was caught in his throat.

He sensed that there was more to this matter.

After hanging up the call with Chief Jiang, he checked the time.

At this time, he did not dare to disturb Director Chen.

“Dad, how is it? Can Mom come back?” Lin Qinghe quickly asked.

“Your mother will be fine.
Dad will take care of it himself at dawn.”

“Once Shi Qian returned, there was no peace in our family! Dad, Shi Qian is here to take revenge on Mom and me!” Lin Qinghe looked aggrieved.

“Well, don’t worry about it.
I’m sure your mother wouldn’t do anything like that.
Dad will take care of this.”

… .

When Shi Qian woke up from a light sleep, it was nine in the morning.

The head injury was basically no longer painful.

She picked up his phone and glanced at it.
A few messages popped up on WeChat.

[Mu Feng]: Miss Beached Whale, in the future, you will record six audio clips every day.
Each one will be ten minutes and we’ll pay you a thousand yuan.
We can work together for a long time.

If one clip cost a thousand yuan, six clips meant six thousand yuan!

If she calculated thirty days a month, that would be one hundred and eighty thousand!

Shi Qian was still in disbelief.
She quickly turned on the phone’s calculator and did the math again.

It was indeed 180,000 yuan!

He even wanted to work with her for a long time?

Was this man sick? Was he stupid and rich?

Or had her wish for the New Year come true?

She had finally met the soft-hearted God of Fortune!

She immediately replied with a message.

[Beached Whale]: Is there still no limit to the content? Are there any other requirements?

She felt guilty about making the money.

[Mu Feng]: There are no requirements for the time being.
I might need you to record the content I provide in the future.

[Beached Whale]: The content you provide must be reasonable, legal, and PG.
Otherwise, I won’t record it.

[Mu Feng]: Of course.
I’ll transfer the deposit to you first.

Shi Qian’s phone immediately received a transfer of three thousand yuan.

Shi Qian took the money, washed up, and walked out.

Her room was on the second floor.
She was the only one on the entire floor.

Neither the nanny nor the nurse lived here.

The huge house seemed extremely empty.

She even had a feeling that living with Fu Sinian and sleeping on the sofa was better than living alone in such a big room that was empty.

As soon as she walked downstairs, she smelled food.

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