Auntie Xu was busy in the kitchen.
Old Master Fu was also standing at the side, giving instructions from time to time.

“Auntie Xu, keep the soup warm so that Qian Qian can eat it whenever she wakes up.”

“Of course, Old Master.”

“This time, the chicken is too fat and oily.
Girls nowadays talk about losing weight.
Take some of the oil out,” The Old Master instructed worriedly.

“Yes, Old Master.”

Shi Qian looked at Old Master Fu’s back and her heart warmed.

The Fu family was quite good, especially Old Master Fu.

Although they had only met twice, he sincerely treated her as a junior and doted on her.

“Qian Qian, are you awake?” The old man saw Shi Qian’s figure and immediately pulled her to the sofa.
“Sit here and don’t move.”

With that, the old man turned around and filled a bowl of chicken soup for Shi Qian.

Shi Qian quickly stood up.
She was really flattered by Old Master!

“Sit down quickly.
Grandpa will put it on the table for you.
Be careful not to burn your hands.”

Shi Qian looked at the bowl of thick chicken soup and felt a lump in her throat.
She thought of her grandfather again.

She hadn’t even seen her grandfather for the last time.

“Qian Qian, I got someone to send one portion to the hospital for your mother this morning.
Your mother is not well.
She shouldn’t eat anything outside.
I’ll get someone to send her three meals a day.”

“Grandpa, there’s no need.
This is too troublesome!”

“It’s no trouble.
We’re family.
Your mother is Sinian’s mother too.
Don’t be so polite and distant.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Shi Qian didn’t know what to say.

She could only thank him.

Bai Jianshen walked over and looked at the chicken soup in Shi Qian’s hand.

“This is the chicken that was delivered by private plane this morning, right?”

Shi Qian was startled.

Had she heard right?

The chicken she ate was specially sent from the capital by a private plane?!

“Jianshen, do you want to try it?”

“Sure! I couldn’t ask for more!”

Auntie Xu filled Bai Jianshen’s bowl.

“Auntie Xu, how is one bowl enough? Help me fill another bowl.
I’ll take it away.”

“Okay.” Auntie Xu filled another bowl and brought it out.

This bowl was specially served to Fu Sinian by Bai Jianshen.

He came to the room and put the chicken soup by the bed.

“Old Master personally raised this chicken.
I helped you get a bowl.
Do you miss this smell? This is a chicken that Old Master personally fed!”

“They’re all chickens.
What difference can it make?” Fu Sinian asked.

Bai Jianshen could not respond.

“How are you feeling today?”

“The chances of my leg recovering are less than fifty percent, right?”

Bai Jianshen’s hand, which was taking notes, paused.

He replied, “Recently, I’ve been paying attention to a foreign research team.
The topic of research happens to be to a way to control the nerves in the human brain.
I’ve concluded that the reason you can’t feel your legs is because of the nerves.”

“Judging by your bodily functions, it doesn’t look like you’ll never be able to stand.
The main thing is treating your nerves.”

“If that’s the outcome, the old man should be able to accept it.” Fu Sinian already had plans.

The Fu Corporation’s situation did not allow him to stay in the sanatorium like this!

“In the past, I wouldn’t have dared.
After all, you’re the heir the old man raised.
Even if he’s forced to accept that you can’t stand, it’s a painful blow.”

“However, with Qian Qian accompanying Old Master now, I feel that Old Master should be able to withstand it.”

Fu Sinian looked at Bai Jianshen and frowned slightly.
“Did that woman drug you guys with something that made you all speak up for her like this!”

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