Although Madam Fu gave her money every month, and that money was not a small sum to her, she still hoped to take care of herself.

After recording the video, Shi Qian quickly sent it over.

The other party replied almost instantly.

The money was transferred immediately!

Shi Qian looked at the money and felt like she was dreaming.

This was too unreal!

After making money, she turned on her phone and scrolled through the evidence she saved yesterday.

She wondered how things were going at Bureau J.

Those people had been instructed by Ding Meini to kidnap her, but the order for them to hurt her had been given by Su Youwei.

She wondered if Lin Shiming would use his connections to make this a small matter.

… .

Lin Shiming called Director Chen early in the morning.

However, the secretary answered.

She replied that she would tell Director Chen about this.

He waited for hours, but there was no answer.

“Dad, Mom has been taken away for so long.
Why hasn’t she been released yet? Don’t they care about your status?” Lin Qinghe’s eyes were red from crying.

At this point, there was nothing she could do but cry.

Resigned, Lin Shiming dialed Chief Jiang’s number again.

Lin, hello, hello.”

“Chief Jiang, I want to ask how the case went last night?”

Lin, the situation is a little tricky now.
Those people insist that Mrs.
Lin instigated them, and it matches Lin Meini’s confession.”

“Impossible! How could my wife do such a thing! Someone must have framed her! It’s just a confession.
Is there any evidence?”

Lin, don’t be agitated.
The confession is also evidence.
Besides, Mrs.
Lin has indeed seen these people.”

Lin Shiming was speechless.

“Just tell me, when can my wife be released?”

“Not for a while.”

“Chief Jiang, I suspect that someone is targeting me! You have to investigate carefully.
If it affects the company’s listing, can you bear the consequences?”

Lin, I’m only focused on investigating the case.
Now that Mrs.
Lin can’t clear her name, there’s nothing I can do.”

Lin Shiming hung up, his chest heaving with anger.

Lin Qinghe walked forward and caressed his chest.

“Dad, why do I feel that this matter is so strange? Usually, when Chief Jiang sees you, he’s always polite.
Why is he not showing any mercy this time?”

Lin Shiming also realized it.

Even Director Chen had not called him back now.

Someone was definitely trying to mess with him.

He just couldn’t find out who this person was!

He had worked in the business world for so many years and had made many enemies.
However, he probably couldn’t find anyone with such ability!

“Dad, why don’t we talk to Sister about this? As long as she withdraws the case, will this matter be resolved?”

Lin Shiming thought that made sense.

However, looking for Shi Qian was useless.

How could a child like her understand so much?

He had to find Shi Qiuran to resolve this matter.

“Daddy is going out.”

It had been almost two months since Shi Qian brought Shi Qiuran to Cloud City.

Shi Qiuran had always lived there.

Lin Shiming had not visited once.

He didn’t even know what illness Shi Qiuran had.
He only knew that she needed surgery.

The surgery cost almost half a million.

After asking around for a long time, he finally found out which ward Shi Qiuran was staying in.

However, the hospital staff refused to let him in.

“Why are you stopping me from visiting a patient?” Lin Shiming suppressed a fire in him.

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