Shi is now a patient in our special VIP ward.
While we provide medical treatment, we also have to provide corresponding services.
If you don’t have an appointment or have Ms.
Shi’s permission, you can’t visit.”

“A patient in a high-class VIP ward? Are you guys mistaken? She couldn’t even afford to stay in the hospital a few days ago! Help me find out if there’s someone with the same name.”

“Sir, we only have one inpatient named Shi Qiuran.
Besides, she couldn’t afford the hospital fees the other day.”

A huge question surfaced in Lin Shiming’s mind.

Where did Shi Qiuran get the money?

As far as he knew, the special VIP of this hospital in Cloud City cost at least a thousand yuan a day.

This did not include the medical and treatment fees.
It only covered the hospital fees.

Could it be that Shi Qiuran was being used to frame him?

After thinking about it, this was the only possibility!

Otherwise, how could they have so much money to squander!

A nurse overheard the conversation and came over.

“Come here, Xiao Ju!” the receptionist called.

“Sir, this is the exclusive nurse for Ms.
Shi’s ward.
You can ask her to help make an appointment or ask Ms.
Shi to see if you can visit.” The receptionist said to Lin Shiming.

Xiao Ju looked at Lin Shiming.
“You want to visit Ms.
Shi, sir?”

“Yes.” Lin Shiming nodded.

“May I know your name?”

“My surname is Lin,” Lin Shiming replied patiently.

“I asked for your name.
Please answer with your full name.” Xiao Ju’s work ethic was meticulous.

“I’m just visiting a patient.
Do I need to show you my ID?” Lin Shiming was furious.

Many people did not know his face, but everyone in Cloud City probably knew his name.

He did not want to lose face because of this!

“Sir, if you’re really here to visit her, please cooperate.
We’re not checking your household register.
We’re just trying to figure out your identity.”

“You don’t know yet, do you? A few days ago, a well-dressed lady came to visit Madam Shi.
I think she was a mistress.
She deliberately provoked Madam Shi.
Madam Shi almost jumped off a building!”

Lin Shiming was confused.

“Since then, Madam Shi’s family has instructed that no one is to visit without permission.”

“Didn’t Shi Qiuran slap that lady? If she wants to jump off a building, she’s just pretending!” Lin Shiming couldn’t help but retort.

“Pretending? I was there at the scene.
That mistress was simply too detestable! If I were Madam Shi, I definitely wouldn’t have been slapped!” Xiao Ju gave Lin Shiming a disdainful look.

Seeing that this man was dressed like a successful person, it turned out that he was also a loser!

Lin Shiming opened his mouth, but no retort came out.

You Weiwei was as gentle as water.
How could it be what they said?

“Even mistresses are so arrogant now that they dare to come knocking on our door openly!” The receptionist couldn’t help but agree.

“That’s right! This kind of woman is as shameless as a thick city wall!”

“What shame do mistresses have? If they had shame, they wouldn’t have destroyed someone’s family.”

“Don’t just scold the mistress.
That man is not a good person either!”

Lin Shiming’s mind was buzzing.

He was sure these people had misunderstood.

The mention of the mistress disgusted everyone.
They were like rats crossing the street.

That was why his heart ached for Youwei.


She’d been suffering such infamy for him.

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