Back then, Shi Qiuran chose to get a divorce, but she exposed Youwei and Qinghe, making Youwei a mistress for the rest of her life.

All these years, she had suffered secretly.

Even these ignorant nurses could insult her behind her back!

Lin Shiming suppressed his anger.

Why was he angry with these people?

They didn’t know what was going on!

“Can you call Shi Qiuran? I’ll talk to her myself.
She’ll definitely see me,” Lin Shiming said to Xiao Ju.

He had to see Shi Qiuran today.

“What’s your relationship with Madam Shi? You don’t even have a contact number!” Although Xiao Ju couldn’t help but complain, she still dialed the ward.

Shi Qiuran was sitting on the bed, watching videos of Shi Qian when she was young.

She beamed with happiness.

Suddenly the bedside phone rang.

She turned and picked up the phone.

Shi, a Mr.
Lin is here to visit you at the hospital.
Would you like to see him?”

Before Shi Qiuran could speak, Lin Shiming’s voice sounded on the phone.

“Shi Qiuran, I have something to see you about.”

Lin Shiming? Shi Qiuran had no idea why he was here.

“Come in.” She didn’t refuse.

Lin Shiming was also responsible for Su Youwei forcing Qian Qian to marry a vegetable!

She had been worried that she would not see him!

He actually sent himself to her door!

Shi Qiuran got out of bed, tidied her hair, and put on a light brown knitted cardigan.

Her illness had tortured her for months, and she had lost a lot of weight.

However, her aura was the same.

She was as proud as a bamboo and would rather break than bend.

Lin Shiming pushed the door open.
Shi Qiuran was standing at the window.

After the divorce, Shi Qiuran left Cloud City with Shi Qian and they never met again.

Shi Qiuran slowly turned and looked at Lin Shiming.
Even though she was suppressing her anger, she couldn’t help but feel agitated.

“Lin Shiming, it’s been more than ten years.
I didn’t expect you to be more heartless! Qian Qian is your biological daughter! It’s fine if you don’t love her! How can you let Su Youwei trample on her! You forced her to marry a vegetable!”

After being scolded like this, Lin Shiming could no longer suppress his anger!

“Shi Qiuran! How dare you accuse me? Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve done behind my back!”

“What did I do behind your back?” Shi Qiuran did not understand why Lin Shiming still had the cheek to question her!

“Shi Qian came to me for money, called Youwei, and reported me for bribery online.
You instigated these things, right?”

Shi Qiuran only knew that Shi Qian had gone to ask Lin Shiming for money.
As for what happened after that, he didn’t know!

Looking at Shi Qiuran’s expression, Lin Shiming said sarcastically, “Stop pretending! Youwei has been arrested! You’ve achieved your goal! The person you want to deal with is me.
Who instructed you to do this? The goal is to stop the company from going public, right?”

Shi Qiuran was really stunned.

There was too much information in Lin Shi’s words for her to digest.

“Why was Su Youwei captured?” She didn’t care about anything else.
She was most concerned about Su Youwei.

Su Youwei must have been arrested because she deserved it!

Lin Shiming was suddenly speechless at the question.

“Lin Shiming, you’re the only one who thinks that Su Youwei is pure and kind.
Yes, she’s your sweetheart.
Of course, there’s no other good person in the world! I think you’re not only blind, you’re also brainless! After so many years, you’re still being played by her!”

“Shi Qiuran, I know you hate me! Come at me! You asked those hooligans to deal with Youwei and insist that she asked those hooligans to hurt Shi Qian.
Do you want her to go to jail!”

“What hooligans? Qian Qian is injured?”

Shi Qiuran didn’t wait for Lin Shiming to answer.
She pounced forward and grabbed his collar!

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