“How’s Qian Qian? If anything happens to Qian Qian, I won’t let you off! Lin Shiming, you’re simply scum!”

Shi Qiuran raised her hand and waved it at Lin Shiming!

Slap! A soft slap sounded.

Before Lin Shiming could react, he was slapped in the face!

Shi Qiuran swung again, and Lin Shiming grabbed her wrist.

“You crazy woman!” Lin Shiming pushed Shi Qiuran away.

Shi Qiuran was pushed to the ground by him.

The commotion in the ward alerted the nurse outside.
She rushed in.

Two nurses pulled Lin Shiming away as Xiao Ju helped Shi Qiuran to her feet.

“Shi Qiuran, tell me, how do you want to resolve this matter? How much did that person pay you? What other promises did you make to have such a good ward and surgery? I can pay this money too! What conditions do you have?”

“Call Shi Qian and tell her to close the case immediately.
What good will it do you if things really get out of hand? Can you take care of her for the rest of her life with your sickly appearance? Shi Qian is my daughter.
She has some support while I’m around.”

Shi Qiuran’s chest heaved with anger.

“Lin Shiming! How dare you say that Qian Qian is your daughter! If you still treated her as your daughter, would you have watched as Su Youwei pushed her into the fire? Would you have let her marry a vegetable? Don’t you have any shame? You actually said that you were Qian Qian’s support!”

Lin Shiming choked.

“She didn’t tell me about the marriage.
She insisted! She was instigated by you and refused to speak to me calmly.
Isn’t that what you want?”

“Get lost! Get out!” Shi Qiuran pointed at the door.

Lin Shiming was about to speak when someone pressed his shoulder.

When he turned around, a 1.9-meter-tall man stood beside him.
Even through his shirt, he could feel the man’s bulging muscles.

Lin is not welcome here.
Lin, please leave,” Jiang Feng said slowly.

Lin Shiming swung his hand impatiently.

Not only did he not shake off Jiang Feng’s hand, but Jiang Feng even increased his strength.

His shoulder ached.
His bones were about to shatter!

“I’ll see Mr.
Lin out.” Jiang Feng took Lin Shiming out of the ward without effort.

“Who are you?” Lin Shiming looked at Jiang Feng warily.

Could this person be the person who had conspired with Shi Qiuran to deal with him?

Lin, did you go to Bureau J to understand the situation? I sent those people who hurt Qian Qian in! Those three people’s injuries should take a few months to recover in bed.”

The words were a reminder and a warning.

The anger in Lin Shiming’s heart surged.

How many years had it been since he had heard such an arrogant tone!

Jiang Feng pressed the elevator button and pushed Lin Shiming into it.
He pressed the button for the first floor.
“Take care!”

Lin Shiming watched the elevator door close and was furious!

Even if Shi Qiuran didn’t say anything, he could find out!

… .

Shi Qian had just changed her wound dressing when her phone rang.

She tensed when she saw the caller ID.

Fortunately, her mother had made a voice call, not a video call.
Otherwise, with her head wrapped like this, she wouldn’t have been able to hide it.

She answered immediately.
“What can I do for you, Mom?”

“Qian Qian… you…” Shi Qiuran choked.
Before making this call, she had tried her best to control her emotions.
When she heard Shi Qian’s voice, she still couldn’t help it.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Shi Qian was suddenly nervous.

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