He closed his eyes slowly, unable to stop his imagination from running wild.

What did the owner of this voice look like?

Suddenly, a figure appeared in his mind.

That was a timeless background.

It was the image he had glanced at that day.

Her backview.

He immediately opened his eyes and chased the image out of his mind.

However, after a while, another image appeared in his mind.

In her fantasy, Shi Qian was wearing a red dress.
The dress was very short, making her fair and slender legs look even straighter.

Her exquisite figure was like a demoness.

She approached slowly and blew into his ear.

Her lips were soft and supple.

They brushed his cheek.

It was neither here nor there…

“Close your eyes and sleep ~ Sleep ~ ”

Her voice was seductive.

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands and gripped the snow-white sheets.

In his imagination, Shi Qian’s entire body was in his arms.

Soft and boneless…

At this moment, the most primitive desire in his body was awakened!

Suddenly, the door opened.

Bai Jianshen walked in.

Fu Sinian’s fantasy was interrupted.

He immediately sat up to hide his embarrassment.

Listening to the streamer’s voice, why did he think of Shi Qian?

It was still the same image!

When he woke up, he was repulsed!

He hated this feeling of losing control even more!

It had to be.
The only woman he’d touched since waking was Shi Qian.
That was why he had such fantasies.

Bai Jianshen noticed Fu Sinian’s abnormality as soon as he entered.

The ten-minute audio session ended.

He removed the earpiece.

“Young Master Fu, Qian Qian was looking for me just now.” Bai Jianshen deliberately paused.

“Why was she looking for you?” Fu Sinian felt a little awkward when he heard Shi Qian’s name.

After all, Shi Qian had just appeared in his mind.

“She showed me this.” Bai Jianshen took out a test slip.

There were two lines on it, but one was not very obvious.

Fu Sinian immediately understood what this meant.

Shi Qian was really thinking about this all the time!

“Do you want me to remove this camera by the bed?” Bai Jianshen asked with a smile.

“Do you really want her to rape me again?” Fu Sinian questioned coldly.

“You didn’t feel anything the first night, did you?” Bai Jianshen retorted with a smile.

Actually, he suspected that the young lady had touched Young Master Fu on the first night.

Although Young Master Fu’s mouth had traces of being kissed, that didn’t mean anything.

After all, Young Master Fu’s performance was standard.

She was more like a vicious wolf who might be agitated at any moment.

She didn’t do anything, but Young Master Fu was also excited for the entire night!

He had evidence!

“Take the camera off,” Fu Sinian said suddenly.

“Okay!” Bai Jianshen quickly removed the camera.

He couldn’t help but think to himself that indeed, Young Master Fu’s body was more honest.

Bai Jianshen held the camera and couldn’t help but instruct, “She still has a wound on her head.
Control it a little.” Then, he looked at Fu Sinian and changed his words.
“You can’t move your legs and your movements are limited.
You must be the one who will cooperate.
In that case, I’m not worried.”

“Get lost!” Fu Sinian spat out.

“Enjoy it!” Bai Jianshen said fearlessly and immediately walked out.

“Wait!” Fu Sinian said again.

Bai Jianshen stopped and turned to look at Fu Sinian, waiting for him to speak.

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