“Old Master’s heart isn’t good and can’t take any stimulation.
Be prepared,” Fu Sinian instructed.

Bai Jianshen nodded.
“I understand.”

The fluctuation of emotions included not only great sorrow, but also great joy.

… .

Shi Qian recorded the last part of the audio, divided it into folders, and marked the dates.

She had recorded five days’ worth of footage in one day.

This was all for the money.

She stretched and took a lozenge.

The excessive use of her voice made her voice hoarse again.

In order to keep this sugar daddy, Shi Qian did not dare to take on other projects for the time being.

Several web series and comic book dubs approached her, but she didn’t accept them.

After clearing the table, she got up and headed for the bathroom.

As she washed her face with water and looked at her reflection in the mirror, she suddenly thought of the results of the test she had taken that afternoon.

Bai said that it was already the ovulation in the past few days abd the success rate would be increased.

It was best if she slept with Fu Sinian for three to five days from now.

Shi Qian thought that once will do.

She did not expect that it would have to happen three to five times!

Just thinking about it made her nervous.

She quickly lowered her head and splashed some water on her face.

“Shi Qian, don’t be afraid.
Isn’t it just that! Besides, Fu Sinian is unconscious and doesn’t know about this at all.
It’s equivalent to you being the only one taking charge throughout the entire process.”

Shi Qian exhaled a few times before calming down.

… .

Fu Sinian looked at the clock on the wall.

He didn’t know how many times he confirmed the time.

It was already half past nine!

There was a nameless fire in his heart.

This woman was really troublesome!

He didn’t want to tolerate her for another second!

She could not wait to get pregnant with his child.
She had already confirmed the time, but now, she was hesitating?

Fu Sinian took a deep breath.

He had never waited for anyone so long in his life.

Besides, he was waiting for that woman to do that to him!

He thought again.
Why did he have to wait until the woman arrived before waking up?

Why couldn’t he wake up now?

When had his IQ dropped to this level?

Did he really want that woman to sleep with him again?!

Fu Sinian immediately sat up at the thought.

As he rose, he heard the lock turn.

Without thinking, he fell straight down!


Shi Qian entered and closed the door quietly.

She actually felt guilty.

She wasn’t going to steal an item but take advantage of a person!

Shi Qian patted her chest to calm herself.

Only then did she walk slowly to the bed.

Fu Sinian squeezed his eyes shut.

The thought of waking up vanished without a trace.

He didn’t even notice how ridiculous his reaction was now.

He was clearly awake, but he still pretended to be a vegetable!

He never dawdled when he decided on something.
He was always straightforward.

In the end, Shi Qian easily ruined his plan to awaken again!

The air was faintly fragrant.
Wisps of wind entered Fu Sinian’s nostrils and stimulated his senses.

The feeling that rose from him was unfamiliar.

He had always had excellent self-control.
He never lost control of himself because of anything.

How could he lose control because of a time lapse!

He must not have fully recovered yet.
That was why he was like this.

Shi Qian approached him again and slowly sat on the edge of the bed.

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands.

Shi Qian was extremely nervous and didn’t notice Fu Sinian’s actions at all.

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