Before coming, Shi Qian had mentally prepared herself for a long time.

But at the critical moment, she was still at a loss!

Looking at Fu Sinian, she didn’t even know where to start.

Fu Sinian was also extremely tormented.

He did not want to endure this torture for another second!

In order to keep things from going out of his control, he couldn’t delay any longer.

He had to wake up now!

He opened his eyes slowly.

Shi Qian suddenly lunged at him.

The girl’s body crashed into his arms!

Shi Qian still did not notice that he was awake.

Fu Sinian tried to push her away.

But in the next moment he hesitated.

She was actually softer than he had imagined!

He could feel the girl’s heartbeat clearly through the soft fabric.

Her beating heart was wrapped in a ball of softness.
It was as solid and strong as ever.

Shi Qian did not move.
She was waiting for her emotions to stabilize.

Just this action took all her courage!

After a moment, she slowly looked up.

Fu Sinian’s eyes were still closed.
She shifted slightly and reached out to stroke his eyebrows.

His eyebrows were thick and long, each well-defined, and the ridges of his eyebrows were like sharp blades.
They were clearly natural, but the shape of his eyebrows seemed to have been carefully crafted.

Such a person was decisive and very imposing.

Although he was so good-looking, he was the kind of person who kept people away.

Her hand moved to the tip of his nose.

Further down were his lips.

She traced the shape of his lips with her soft fingers.

An electric tingle spread from her fingertips to his entire body! Even his legs, which had been numb, reacted.

Fu Sinian thought he was imagining things!

However, he could clearly feel the warmth and delicate touch of her leg between his.
It was definitely not an illusion.

Shi Qian was not as afraid.

Fu Sinian was such an outstanding person, so his genes must be outstanding too!

She rejected the marriage, but not children.

She had once wondered how she could skip men and have a beautiful child.

Now, wasn’t the opportunity right in front of her?

She suddenly got up and turned off all the lights in the room.

The room was instantly pitch-black!

Fu Sinian immediately opened his eyes.

In the darkness, Shi Qian’s body was only a silhouette.

She sat up and pinned up her hair.

Then she touched his chest.

Her fingertips were cold and her palms were damp with sweat from her anxiety.

It took a lot of effort for Shi Qian to undo the first button.

When it came to the second one, she couldn’t undo it no matter how hard she twisted it.

She was so nervous that her hands froze!

Fu Sinian’s heart was like a pot of boiling water.
His entire body was boiling!

He needed this moment!

This intense need was unprecedented!

Shi Qian couldn’t unbutton it and gave up.

She propped herself on her elbow and slowly approached Fu Sinian.

Her soft lips landed on the tip of Fu Sinian’s nose.

She moved down clumsily until she found the right spot.

After kissing him, she went still again.

Her mind was already blank.
She had no idea what she should do next.

Suddenly she straightened herself.

“I don’t have to do this at all if you’re like this!” Shi Qian said and slapped her head in frustration.

Could it be that she was still imagining things like in the television series?

How stupid!

“I can get straight to the point.”

Yes! You can!


Fu Sinian hoped that she would get straight to the point!

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