Shi Qian immediately got out of bed.
As soon as her feet touched the ground, she collapsed weakly.

Fu Sinian suddenly woke up.
To her, he was the equivalent of a zombie.

How could she not be afraid?

It was already very tough for her not to faint on the spot!

After a while, she got up, but she didn’t know how to face Fu Sinian when he woke up.

Fu Sinian was still calming his agitation.

She was the one who had provoked him.

She even wanted to have a child with him despite him being unconscious.

Why did she react so badly when he woke up? She was screaming as if he was going to kill her!

This woman really knew how to act!

Shi Qian realized that the atmosphere in the room was getting more and more oppressive, and this oppressive feeling came from Fu Sinian, who was on the bed.

She had once wondered what kind of man Fu Sinian would be when he woke up.

Even though he was only lying there, his aura was already so strong!

She had an urge to run away!

She didn’t want to face him.

But her legs felt as heavy as lead as she tried to walk away.

Fu Sinian finally calmed down a little and turned to look at Shi Qian.

As soon as Shi Qian met his gaze, her shoulders trembled!

Her lips trembled from his hard kiss.

The coldness in Fu Sinian’s eyes chilled her from head to toe.

She already had a guilty conscience.

She was caught red-handed and ashamed.

Fu Sinian’s eyes looked like he wanted to eat someone again.

He still didn’t know who she was, did he?


“Let Bai Jianshen in,” Fu Sinian interrupted her directly.

He didn’t want to see her.

Not even a glance!

Shi Qian turned around and walked out as if she had been pardoned.

Fu Sinian still couldn’t help but turn his head.

The girl was barefoot and wearing a cotton nightgown.
The oversized nightgown covered all her beauty.

Only he knew how delicate her skin was.

How slender her waist was.

How soft her body was.

How sweet her lips were.

However, this year, his anger that had just been suppressed rose again!

As soon as Shi Qian walked out, Bai Jianshen greeted her.

Before she could speak, Bai Jianshen hurried into the room.

Old Master Fu hurriedly went forward to help Shi Qian.

“Qian Qian, you’re frightened, aren’t you?”

Shi Qian felt a lump in her throat and tears welled up uncontrollably.

“Hey, don’t cry, don’t cry! It’s okay, it’s okay.” Old Master Fu’s heart ached.

“This brat hasn’t woken up for more than three years.
Why did he wake up at this time! He really knows how to pick the right time!”

Old Master Fu patted Shi Qian’s back and coaxed her gently.
“I know you must have been frightened.
If it were me, I would have been frightened by an unconscious person waking up too!”

With the old man’s comfort, Shi Qian felt better.

“Auntie Xu, take Qian Qian to rest,” Old Master Fu instructed.

“Yes.” Aunt Xu immediately went forward and helped Shi Qian.

“Qian Qian, listen to Grandpa.
Sleep well.”

“Yeah.” Shi Qian nodded.

She returned to her room and was not sleepy.
She was constantly worried about Fu Sinian.

Were the heavens deliberately teasing her?

Did they let Fu Sinian wake up at that time?

Still, it was good that he was awake.
At least she wouldn’t have to have children with him.

Seeing that Fu Sinian had woken up, Madam Fu probably wouldn’t make things difficult for her and not operate on her mother, right?

… .

When Bai Jianshen walked in, Fu Sinian was already sitting up.

Her pajamas were buttoned to the top.

Bai Jianshen wondered secretly.

How far had this matter gone?


Or was it just the beginning?

However, looking at Young Master Fu’s expression, he must not have had his fill.

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