“Put away your wretched gaze,” Fu Sinian reminded him coldly.

“If I’m wretched, then what about your posture just now, Young Master Fu?” With that said, he even made a move.

“You have to be considered a hooligan, right?”

Fu Sinian’s face instantly darkened.

“How is the old man? Was he agitated?” Fu Sinian changed the subject.

“At the moment, there are no problems.
Then we’ll go according to plan.”

“Okay!” Fu Sinian nodded.

Bai Jianshen walked out and opened the door.

The old man was still guarding the door.

“Jian Shen, how’s Sinian? Has he really woken up? Am I blind?” Old Master Fu was still in disbelief.

“Old Master, you can go and see Young Master Fu now.” Bai Jianshen helped Old Master Fu in.

“Sinian.” Old Master Fu came to the bed and held Fu Sinian’s hand.
He asked with concern, “How do you feel now?”

“I’m fine.”

“You’re awake! Finally! That’s great! Your mother will be so happy to hear the news! Jianshen, it’s all that girl Qian Qian’s hard work! Look, as soon as she married Sinian, he woke up!”

Bai Jianshen was not afraid of Fu Sinian’s cold gaze and nodded with a smile.

“Sinian, you don’t know yet.
That girl just now is called Shi Qian.
She’s your new wife.
Your mother and I made the decision to marry you off.
You were unconscious and she married you without hesitation.
You must treat her well.”

No hesitation?

If not for money and her mother’s illness, would she marry him?

Fu Sinian also realized the problem.
His grandfather seemed to like Shi Qian more than he had imagined.

“Grandpa, since I got married when I was unconscious and I’m awake now, this marriage should end here!”

“What nonsense are you talking about! You didn’t even try to get along with Qian Qian, and you’re saying you’re getting a divorce! If it weren’t for her, would you have woken up? What is this called? She’s literally your life savior, right?”

Bai Jianshen nodded again.

“A favor should be returned many times over.
This life-saving grace can be repaid with your body!” The old man’s tone left no room for doubt.

“Young Master Fu, you’ve just woken up.
There’s no hurry to deal with these things.
Your health is more important.” Bai Jianshen pretended to persuade him.

“Jianshen is right.
Take care of yourself now.” The old man quickly followed suit.

What a joke! It wasn’t easy for him to have a granddaughter-in-law, yet Fu Sinian still wanted a divorce?

With Sinian’s personality, it was hard to say when he would be able to get a wife on his own!

“Old Master, Young Master Fu is so I’ll take good care of him.
It’s getting late.
Shall I send you back to rest first?”

“Okay.” The old man nodded.

He glanced at Fu Sinian again and couldn’t help but mutter softly, “Look at the situation.
Does my great-grandson still have game?”

Bai Jianshen almost burst out laughing.

After sending the old master out, he returned to the bed and looked at Fu Sinian.

“Bai Jianshen, you’ll never have the chance to see me make a fool of myself in your life.
That’s why you have to seize the opportunity this time, right?”

“Young Master Fu, are you still worried that Old Master will be agitated? Actually, you’re not that important to him now! He has a granddaughter-in-law and a future great-grandson in his heart.”

“Get out!” Fu Sinian chased him out.

Bai Jianshen smiled helplessly and turned to leave.

As soon as he returned to his office, his phone rang.

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