Wen Lan had already received a call from the old master.

She urgently called Bai Jianshen.

“Hello, Madam Fu.” Bai Jianshen answered the call and greeted her.

“Jian Shen, is Sinian really awake? How is he now? Is he okay?” Wen Lan’s voice trembled.

It was obvious how excited she was.

“Young Master Fu’s condition is very good.
It’s just that when he was injured, he injured the nerves in his brain and has a headache.
However, I’ve already found a way to relieve it.
He can’t feel his legs for the time being.
It might be caused by the damage to his nerves.”

“Will Sinian’s legs be fine?”

“At the moment, it’s not a big problem.
However, I can’t give an exact time when he’ll be able to walk normally.”

“He’s lucky to be awake.”

“Madam Fu, actually, it’s all thanks to Young Madam that Young Master Fu woke up this time.”

“Qian Qian?”

“Yes! Since Young Madam came and it was Young Master Fu’s wedding night, I realized that Young Master Fu’s brain waves had begun to react violently.
Later on, as long as Young Madam was by Young Master Fu’s side, his brain waves were no different from that of a normal person.
It can be said that he was able to wake up because of Young Madam.”

“Qian Qian is really our Fu family’s lucky star!” Wen Lan’s impression of Shi Qian was rapidly rising!

“I’ll go back to Cloud City tomorrow afternoon to see Sinian.
Take good care of him.
Call me immediately if anything happens.”

“Sure thing.”

After hanging up, Bai Jianshen let out a long breath.

He picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip of tea.

Then, he hummed a Beijing-style tune.

“How refreshing! In the future, when Young Master Fu has a lot of children, I can proudly tell those juniors that I was the one who pulled the strings!”

“I can brag about this for the rest of my life!”

… .

Shi Qian did not sleep well all night.

The nightmares kept coming.

In her dream, it was pitch-black.
She was held down by a large hand.
There was no way she could break free.

In the next second, the person holding her down turned into a ferocious wolf with its mouth wide open, revealing sharp fangs!

She was still in bed when Aunt Xu knocked on the door and called her.

Her body felt limp.

“Young Madam, what’s wrong? Why do you look so pale?”

“It’s okay.” Shi Qian sat up.

Her head was spinning.

She didn’t know if it was because of the injury to the back of her head or because she felt so terrible about last night.

Auntie Xu touched Shi Qian’s forehead with concern.

“It’s so hot! Young Madam, you have a fever! Lie down first.
I’ll go get Dr.

Shi Qian touched her forehead in confusion.

Was it hot?

She didn’t feel a thing.

Ten minutes later, the thermometer showed 38.9 degrees.

Old Master Fu took the thermometer and frowned.

“Shen Shen, is Qian Qian’s fever because of the wound on her head?”

“Old Master, Young Madam’s fever seems to be triggered by excessive shock.”

“Were you frightened by Sinian last night?”


Old Master Fu looked at Shi Qian with heartache.
“Then what should we do? It’s not a solution to let the fever continue like this.
Her head is still injured.”

“I’ll prescribe a medicine to clear her mind.
She’ll be fine after she takes it.”

“Okay, then do it quickly.”

… .

Fu Sinian sat in a wheelchair and was pushed out for a walk by Jiang Feng.

The news that he had woken was still sealed.

However, it definitely wouldn’t be sealed for long.

As long as his headache was solved, he could leave the sanatorium and return to the capital.

But, before that…

He had to take care of the problematic Shi Qian.

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