“Don’t push me to my room.
Go to the balcony and call Shi Qian over.
I have something to tell her,” Fu Sinian instructed Jiang Feng.

“Yes.” Jiang Feng pushed Fu Sinian to the balcony and turned to look for Shi Qian.

As soon as he reached the second floor, he saw Bai Jianshen.

Bai, have you seen Young Madam? Young Master Fu is looking for her.”

“Young Madam was frightened by him last night and has a high fever.
Why is he still looking for Young Madam? Isn’t he afraid of scaring her again?”

Jiang Feng was speechless.

He didn’t dare look for Shi Qian anymore.

The old master was definitely accompanying her.

If he went looking for her again, he would only be reprimanded by the old master.

Compared to Young Master Fu’s cold face, he was still more afraid of Old Master Fu.

Jiang Feng returned to Fu Sinian’s side.

Fu Sinian didn’t see Shi Qian’s figure and frowned slightly.

“Where is she?”

“Young Master Fu, she has a high fever from your scare.
I’m afraid you won’t be able to see her now.”

Fu Sinian’s breath caught in his chest.
It was neither here nor there.
It was uncomfortably stuck.

“Young Master Fu, why don’t you wait a little longer? How about you see Young Madam again after her fever subsides?” Jiang Feng suggested.

Fu Sinian moved the wheelchair himself and returned to his room.

Was it that easy to get a fever?

It was all an act!

Even if she wasn’t pretending and really had a fever, Fu Sinian didn’t like such a delicate woman!

Shi Qian drank the medicine and had a deep sleep for two hours.

When she woke up again, she felt better.

She felt so thirsty and hungry.
She got out of bed and headed downstairs.

At this time, it was almost two in the afternoon.
They were all taking a lunch break.
It was very quiet.

She walked quietly downstairs to the kitchen.

She poured a glass of warm water and drank it.

There were little tomatoes in the fridge.

She washed them and popped two in her mouth.

She had one in each cheek, making her cheeks bulge.

She searched the kitchen cabinets and found a few packets of multigrain cookies.
She had a glass of water in one hand and yogurt in the other.

She had two tomatoes in his mouth and a packet of multigrain cookies between his teeth.

This would be her lunch.

After eating, she wanted to continue recording.

She turned around and was stunned!

Fu Sinian looked at her with dark eyes from his wheelchair.

Those eyes were as bright as cold stars.
They were as bright as Shi Qian had imagined, and as cold as she had imagined.

His gaze fell on her, making her feel as if she were covered in frost.

Fu Sinian’s brows tightened slightly at her appearance.

Shi Qian’s legs trembled with nervousness.

Fear, nervousness, guilt, and all sorts of other mixed emotions instantly filled her mind.


Fu Sinian was about to speak when Shi Qian ran upstairs like a rabbit!

Fu Sinian was speechless.

He powered the wheelchair in the direction of the stairs.

He stopped on the first step.

Was this woman playing cat and mouse with him?

He didn’t have that much patience!

Suddenly, he heard footsteps outside.

Wen Lan walked in quickly in a pair of high heels.

She was still wearing her smart suit.
It was obvious that she had rushed over after dealing with matters in the company.

She didn’t even have time to change her clothes.

As soon as Wen Lan walked in, she saw Fu Sinian in a wheelchair.

“Sinian!” She stopped, her face filled with joy and excitement.

“Mom,” Fu Sinian said calmly.

“Sinian!” Wen Lan walked quickly towards Fu Sinian and hugged him tightly.

As a child, she didn’t often hug him like this.

“Great, you’re finally awake! Do you know how long Mom has been waiting for this? More than a thousand days and nights.”

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