Wen Lan’s tears fell uncontrollably.

“I’m awake now, Mom,” Fu Sinian replied.
The words were comforting to him.

Wen Lan wiped her tears and squatted down.

Her son had grown up.
He was so big that even sitting here, he was so burly.
Instead, he made her look so small.

She had barely been involved in her son’s growth.

She had to shoulder the burden of the Fu family.

It was as if Sinian’s young appearance still appeared yesterday.

“Mom, I’ve read the company’s financial reports for the past three years, and all the ongoing projects…”

“Sinian, you just woke up.
There’s no hurry.
I’m still supporting the Fu Corporation.
Rest well first.” Wen Lan interrupted Fu Sinian.

She had experienced the pain of losing her son.

Those dark days were unbearable.

Now, in her heart, nothing was more important than her son.

… .

Shi Qian heard Madam Fu coming and quickly went downstairs.

Old Master Fu, Madam Fu, and Fu Sinian sat in the living room.

The three of them had been talking.
When they heard footsteps, they looked in the direction of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian looked embarrassed.

She looked over at Fu Sinian and met his gaze.

When that gaze shot over, the sharpness mixed in was like a sharp knife that instantly cut her heart in half! She couldn’t help but breathe lightly.

“Qian Qian, come here,” Old Master Fu called.

Shi Qian headed for the living room like a stiff robot.

Madam Fu was in a good mood and smiled at Fu Sinian.
“Sinian, Mom made the decision to marry Shi Qian for you.
You should have met, right?”

“Yes, yes!” the old master said quickly.
“They’re still a little unfamiliar now, but they’ll get to know each other better in the future.”

Wen Lan nodded.
“Feelings are nurtured.”

Fu Sinian looked at Wen Lan.

Why did his mother like and agree with Shi Qian so much?

Shi Qian was clearly here for the money!

Didn’t his mother and grandfather hate girls with evil intentions?

Shi Qian sat on the sofa, her heart pounding.

Fu Sinian woke up.
Her marriage to him was over.

But what about her mother’s arrangement?

She was too embarrassed to ask directly at this time.

“I’m tired.
I’ll go rest first,” Fu Sinian suddenly said.

It seemed that his grandfather was not the only one who did not agree to the divorce.

His mother wouldn’t agree easily either.

Fu Sinian returned to his room, and Shi Qian immediately felt less depressed.

“Qian Qian, I have something to tell you.
Let’s go to the study,” Madam Fu said.

“Okay.” Shi Qian stood up and followed Madam Fu.

She thought that Madam Fu wanted to discuss the divorce.

Fu Sinian’s stance was clear.

Even if Madam Fu did not arrange for her mother’s surgery, the money she had earned could pay for her mother’s surgery in Cloud City.

As for the kidney source, she was thinking of a plan.
If not, she would use hers.

Such an outcome was what she had once dreamed of.

Thinking of this, Shi Qian suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

She was even a little excited.

She did not have to be tied down by this marriage.
She was going to be free!

Madam Fu sat on the sofa.

Shi Qian stood a little awkwardly.

The scene was like a boss about to fire his employees.

“Qian Qian, I’ve already arranged it when I came.
When do you think it’s convenient for you to take your mother to the capital for surgery?” Wen Lan suddenly asked.

Shi Qian’s face was filled with confusion and disbelief.

“I… I’m not pregnant with Young Master Fu’s child,” she stammered.

Wen Lan smiled.
This child was really honest.

“Sinian is already awake.
There’s no hurry to get pregnant.
If you want, you can have a second or third child in the future!”

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