Shi Qian followed the hostess in.

She looked around.
Everything she saw was indescribably luxurious.

The hostess pushed open the heavy room door and bent down to welcome Shi Qian in.

There were already several figures in this private room.

At the head of the table was Madam Fu, accompanied by a butler and a lawyer.

Su Youwei and Lin Qinghe sat at the side.

The usually arrogant mother and daughter looked a little stiff at this moment, as if they had to create an image that only the daughter of the richest woman in Cloud City had.

Shi Qian sized up Madam Fu.
Presumably, she was the mother of the vegetable.

Madam Fu was wearing a hand-embroidered Chinese cheongsam.

As she had some form, she was dressed more loosely.
She looked dignified.

However, her gaze was sharp.

How could someone with such an aura be from a random family?

Su Youwei was probably being flattered every day, thinking that she had become a rich lady just because she bought a few limited edition luxury goods!

She didn’t know that real luxury goods were national treasures that she couldn’t even afford!

Madam Fu’s gaze swept past Su Youwei and Lin Qinghe before finally landing on Shi Qian.

Shi Qian walked forward gracefully without any shyness or timidity, nor was she afraid of Madam Fu’s scrutiny.

“Madam Lin, who is this?” Madam Fu looked at Su Youwei.

“This is also our Lin Family’s daughter, but she was born to my husband’s ex-wife.
As soon as she heard about this, she took the initiative to marry your son.
Look, although our two families have an engagement, our old master is no longer alive.
Besides, what era is this? There’s no such thing as a promised engagement anymore.
The law doesn’t support it either.
They’re all daughters of the Lin family.
Isn’t it the same no matter which daughter marries into your family?”

Madam Fu had come today to ask for the token back.

After seeing Su Youwei and Lin Qinghe, she really looked down on them!

After asking around, she found out that Su Youwei was a mistress.

She hated mistresses the most in her life!

It was even more impossible for her son to marry the daughter of such a woman.

It was impossible for the Fu family to be involved with such a family.

If she wanted the token back, this marriage would be over.

She could also give Old Master Fu an explanation.

However, when she saw Shi Qian, she dismissed the idea.

She found this girl pleasing to the eye.

Her beauty was clean and pure.

“Do you know anything about my son?” Madam Fu asked Shi Qian.

“I do.” Shi-Qian nodded.

“You’re willing to marry someone who’s in a coma? There’s a chance he’ll never wake up.
You’ll have to guard him for the rest of your life and never leave.
You’re willing to do that, too?”

“I do.” There was no hesitation in Shi Qian’s voice.
“But on one condition.”

“What condition?”

“I’m a human being, not a piece of cargo.
I have my character and dignity.
I hope that after I marry your son, you won’t interfere with my freedom.
I still have to finish my studies, and I’ll choose my career normally in the future.
I won’t stay at home obediently.
I’ll go out to work.”

“As long as you don’t discredit the Fu family and don’t do anything to let my son down, I can agree to this condition.
I also need to sign a prenuptial agreement with you.” Madam Fu’s answer was even more straightforward.

Shi Qian felt a little awkward.

It was as if they were discussing a business deal, but this was clearly a marriage.

Suppressing the strange feeling in his heart, Shi Qian nodded gently.

The lawyer produced an agreement and placed it in front of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian was nervous.

She had never experienced anything like this.

She was even more afraid that she would be screwed.

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