“How different can the chicken the old master raised be from the ones outside?” Fu Sinian suddenly asked.

Shi Qian winced.

Was he talking to her?

“Qian Qian, do you think the chickens Grandpa fed are better than others?” The old man was angry.

This damn desire to win rushed up.

Was it so hard to make this kid admit the fruits of his labor?

Shi Qian was about to speak when Fu Sinian spoke again.

“You don’t want to ask if the chicken is good.
You just want to hear some people’s brainless flattery.”

Wen Lan’s expression changed.

Shi Qian was even more embarrassed.

How was she being brainless and obsequious?

“Even if it’s the same chicken, I think Grandpa fed it better.
For no other reason than because Grandpa fed it.
That alone beats all chickens! Similarly, I think my mother’s cooking is the best.
Even a Michelin chef can’t compare to Mom’s cooking because it’s Mom’s recipe.
It’s unique.”

Fu Sinian put down his chopsticks and his face darkened even more.

This woman knew how to curry favor with others!

How dare she spout such a load of nonsense!

“I’m full,” he said, and steered the wheelchair around.

“Shi Qian, come to my room after dinner.
I have something to tell you.”

Shi Qian was startled and was about to answer when Madam Fu spoke.

“Qian Qian is coming back to Riverside Villa with me tonight.
You have to take me to the airport tomorrow.”

With that, Wen Lan gave the old master a look.

The old master immediately understood and gestured an OK to Wen Lan.

“Go back to your room.
We’ll talk another day,” Old Master Fu urged Fu Sinian.

Fu Sinian was speechless.

If he didn’t talk about the divorce today, he would bring it up tomorrow.

He didn’t care if he missed a day or two.

He moved the wheelchair and returned to the room.

“Qian Qian, eat quickly.
We’ll leave after you’re done,” Wen Lan urged.

“Oh.” Shi Qian obediently lowered her head to eat.

After dinner, Shi Qian left with Wen Lan.

Old Master Fu walked into Fu Sinian’s room.

Fu Sinian heard footsteps and didn’t take his eyes off the computer.
He focused on the screen.

“Why are you looking for Qian Qian?” the old man asked bluntly.

“Divorce,” Fu Sinian answered directly.

“I knew it!” The old master pointed at Fu Sinian.

Fortunately, Wen Lan took Qian Qian away!

Otherwise, this kid would lose his wife!

“Why do you want to get a divorce? What’s wrong with Qian Qian? Your mother and I like Qian Qian.
If not for her, you wouldn’t have woken up!”

“Just because you guys like her doesn’t mean I like her.
You can’t shove her at me just because you like her.
If it’s really because of her that I woke up, I can give her a thank-you gift.”

“So what if you’re rich? Do you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re rich?”

“I think she’ll like money.”

“Okay! Fu Sinian, tell me, do you like anyone? As long as you tell me who you like and are willing to marry, I’ll immediately agree to you and Qian Qian’s divorce!”

“No matter who the woman you’re going to marry is, I’ll personally come to your marriage proposal and hold a big wedding banquet for you!”


Fu Sinian opened his mouth but fell silent.

“See, there’s none! Since you don’t have anyone you want to marry, why divorce Qian Qian? Let me tell you, if you want a divorce, you’ll have to do it when I die! Otherwise, give up!” Old Master Fu’s attitude was as domineering as ever.

“Get out.
I’m working,” Fu Sinian said coldly.

The old man knew that Fu Sinian had already given in.

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