“Shi Qian, don’t think I don’t know that someone is helping you behind your back.
Your mother lives in a top-notch VIP ward.
It’s not a small sum a day, right? Previously, you couldn’t even afford to pay the hospital fees.
How could you suddenly be rich and stay in such a good ward? Where did you get the money?”

“Where the money came from is none of your business,” Shi Qian retorted coldly.

“Shi Qian, I know.
You and your mother just want money! Tell me, how much?” Lin Shiming didn’t want to talk nonsense with Shi Qian anymore.

This matter had to be resolved quickly!

Shi Qian pointed at her head.
“I was almost kidnapped and seriously injured.
Su Youwei was the mastermind.
The evidence is conclusive, but you think all of this has nothing to do with her! Instead, you suspect that my mother and I are trying to extort money from you?”

She smiled.

She felt that standing here was a joke.

“Lin Shiming, since you trust Su Youwei so much, please open your eyes and take a good look at your darling.
Realize what kind of woman that pure and flawless woman is in your heart!”

With that, Shi Qian turned and left.

Lin Shiming’s eyes darkened with anger as he sat weakly on the sofa.

However, Lin Qinghe looked worried and carefully sized up Lin Shiming.

There was indeed something that her mother did behind Lin Shiming’s back.
What if Shi Qian really exposed her?!

“Dad, why don’t we do something about Ding Meini? Let her take all the blame,” Lin Qinghe suggested softly.

Lin Shiming was too angry to notice that his usually gentle and demure daughter had come up with such an idea.

“The key is those three people.
They insist that your mother found them.”

“Dad, there must be a way.” Lin Qinghe pulled Lin Shiming’s hand and begged.
“Mom has been inside for a few days.
She must be afraid every day.”

“Dad will think of something else,” Lin Shiming said.
He got up and left.

What he was really worried about was the power above.

Someone was deliberately putting pressure on this matter.

If he didn’t know who was pressuring him, he couldn’t sit still.

After Lin Shiming left, Lin Qinghe quickly left.

… .

Detention Bureau.

Su Youwei looked at her lawyer through the glass window.

“I’ve been here for a few days.
Why haven’t you found a way to get me out? Didn’t Shiming give you money? You can’t even do such a small thing!”

Lin, it’s not that I can’t get you out now, but you can’t clear your name.”

“I want to see Shiming.”

“According to normal procedures, you can’t meet with Mr.

“Then follow abnormal procedures!”

“I’m sorry, Mr.
Lin has been working on this since you were captured.
However, you’re still here.”

The lawyer had made himself clear.

Lin Shiming’s connections had not even settled this matter.

It was no small matter!

Su Youwei understood and her expression turned even uglier.

She panicked too.

“What does Shi Qian have to make Shiming’s connections stop working? What do we do now?”

The lawyer sat up straight.
Lin wants to think of something to deal with Ding Meini, but it will take time.”

“Alright, I’ll wait! I can wait.” Su Youwei was obedient now, and her attitude was no longer as arrogant as before.

After the lawyer left, she returned to the room where she was temporarily imprisoned.
Her mind was in turmoil.

There was nothing she could do now that she was locked in here.

Whether she could clear her name was still unknown.
She had to worry about something else.

Could there really be evidence in the video Shi Qian had posted earlier?

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