If Shi Qian had evidence and revealed it all…

The consequences were unthinkable.

The key was that that incident did not affect Lin Shiming much.
It affected her greatly!

At the time, Lin Shiming’s company didn’t have much of an advantage.
There were other companies competing for the project.

Moreover, from the looks of the situation, another company was more in line with the project’s requirements.

In order to seduce Lin Shiming, she had secretly added fuel to the fire.

Besides, she was dating the person in charge of the project!

No! No way!

She couldn’t let Shi Qian expose her.


In that case, she was really doomed!

Lin Qinghe arrived outside the detention center.
Su Youwei was temporarily detained here.

She had no visiting rights.
She could only get some information from her lawyer.

As soon as she saw the lawyer walk out, she got out of the car and ran over.

“Lawyer Chen, have you seen my mother? How is she?”

“Miss Lin, have you made any progress with Mr.
Lin? Is Shi Qian willing to close the case?”

“She’s unwilling.” Lin Qinghe shook her head.

“That makes it trickier.” Lawyer Chen sighed.

“If Ding Meini takes everything on, will my mother be cleared?”

“With all the information on the current case, there’s hope.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Lin Qinghe heaved a sigh of relief.

… .

After Shi Qian left the Lin family, she went straight to the relevant department to report the evidence.

Originally, her plan was to wait for the matter on the Internet to ferment before she took out the evidence.
At the same time, she would collect the rumors online and hand them over to law enforcement to protect her reputation.

In the end, Su Youwei could not take it anymore and attacked her ruthlessly.
She was even detained and Ding Meini was arrested.
No one controlled the public opinion online and it naturally died down.

What Su Youwei and Ding Meini had done was much more serious than spreading rumors online!

After that, she waited quietly for the show.

… .

Lin Shiming was overwhelmed by Su Youwei’s matter.
There was also a pile of things waiting for him to deal with at the company.

No matter how he tried to salvage it now, the company’s plan to go public was ruined.

Clients who had worked with the company for a few years all proposed to terminate their contracts.
If this continued, it would be good enough if the company did not go bankrupt, let alone go public!

He rubbed his stinging temples and leaned back in his chair.

In his mind, he kept hearing the faint voice.

He couldn’t help but recall everything he had done with Su Youwei.

After all, there was always a white moonlight in a man’s heart.

It was different for him.
He had always felt a sense of accomplishment when he met Su Youwei again and had some achievements in his career.

However, at this moment, he suddenly felt that he had always been living in the world he had created for himself.

It didn’t feel quite real.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Lin Shiming sat up straight and straightened his suit.

The door opened and two uniformed staff entered.
His face fell.

Lin, we’re here this time because a public tender project in Cloud City more than ten years ago involved illegal competition and bribery.
Please cooperate with our investigation.”

“Okay, please sit down.” Lin Shiming stood and led the man to the conference table.

He was actually not afraid because at that time, his company was completely following procedures.
Although some money was spent in the dark, it was not a crime.

Lin, do you remember who was in charge of the project at that time?”

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