She read the terms with infinite seriousness.

Su Youwei and Lin Qinghe looked at each other and muttered.

That day, when she came to see them, Madam Fu was sitting in a lousy Volkswagen.
She was wearing a very old-fashioned cheongsam and it was obvious that she was from an unknown family.


However, this was Dongfang Shuiyun and she had brought her butler and lawyer with her.
Wasn’t she being too arrogant!

They were suddenly a little uncertain about the background of the Fu family.

Shi Qian read it and breathed a sigh of relief.

The general content was that she was not qualified to get a share of the Fu family’s assets, nor could she initiate a divorce.

The Fu family would not want anything from her.

There was no room for her to leave the Fu family.

This was an unfair condition.

However, she desperately needed money and did not have the right to choose.

She was probably also on guard in case her son woke up and wanted to divorce her because he didn’t like her

She also hoped that her son would wake up.

That would end the marriage.

She had absolutely no objection to the terms on it.
Anyway, they did not restrict her freedom.

She had no illusions about marriage in her life.

Her marriage was worth her mother’s life!

She signed her name with a flourish.

“Did you bring your ID?” Madam Fu asked Shi Qian again.

“I did.”

“Let’s go and get the marriage license now.”

“Now?” Shi Qian was startled.

This was too sudden!

“There’s room for regret now,” Madam Fu reminded her again.
“Once you’ve registered your marriage, there’s no way to regret it.”

“I have no regrets,” Shi Qian whispered back.

Madam Fu led the way out.
Shi Qian immediately followed.

Only Su Youwei and Lin Qinghe were left in the house.

“Mom, we didn’t push Shi Qian into a fire pit, but into some rich nest, right? They’re from the Fu family.
It can’t be the Fu family in the capital, right?”

“Rich nest? Do you really think there are rich people everywhere? There are many people with the surname Fu.
How can they be from the Fu family in the capital! If it’s really the Fu family in the capital, even if they lack a vegetative daughter-in-law, it won’t be our turn!”

Lin Qinghe thought about it and felt that it made sense.

… .

Shi Qian knew nothing about the procedures for the marriage certificate.

All she knew was that she and Madam Fu got into a luxury car and sat in a café for a while.
It didn’t take long for the butler, who looked to be in his fifties, to arrive.

He handed the two red books to Madam Fu.

“This is yours.
Leave Sinian’s copy with me.” Madam Fu placed one in front of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian did not even look at it as she put the marriage certificate away.

“Here’s half a million.
Take it first.” Madam Fu placed another card in front of Shi Qian.

“This…” Shock filled Shi Qian’s eyes.

“I’ve checked, and I know why you’re willing to marry Sinian.
Make one thing clear.
If Sinian hadn’t been in a coma for three years, your fate wouldn’t have crossed his.
Even if he was unconscious, you’d be lucky to marry him!”

Shi Qian said nothing.

Probably, mothers all felt that their sons were the best in the world.

Madam Fu liked Shi Qian’s submissive manner.

“Keep this card.
I’ll get someone to transfer a hundred thousand yuan to you every month.
This hundred thousand is pocket money.
For now, you have to keep this a secret.
No one can know who you married.”

Shi Qian held the card and was extremely shocked.

There were already 500,000 inside!

Moreover, she would get 100,000 yuan a month!

Not to mention that she was married to a vegetable, she would do it even if he was not human!


Wasn’t this the day she’d dreamed of?

It was hard to find such a good marriage.


There were definitely no options for divorce in her marriage.
There was only widowhood!

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