“Sure!” The old master couldn’t ask for more.

He made the decision himself because Shi Qian was unwilling to do it.

The clerk approached again.

“Esteemed guests, the milk tea is ready.
Please enjoy.” The staff brought two cups of milk tea over.

She put the milk tea on the table.

“We’re choosing another style.
Please wait a moment.
It’ll be ready soon.”

“There’s no need to pick out jewelry and diamonds.
I don’t like them.
I want to buy gold,” Shi Qian said directly.

“Oh, okay, okay.” The clerk nodded awkwardly.
“We do have gold jewelry.”

“No accessories.
There’s a processing fee.
It’s not worth it.
Gold bars or anything, just the kind that goes by the gram.”

Shi Qian had a clear goal.

Only by buying these would it not depreciate.

“Yes, please wait.” The clerk immediately left.

After a while, two shop assistants came in with a few plates of gold bars.
They were packed tightly together.

Shi Qian was speechless.

Should they bring so many over?

Was it about weight?

Looking at the gold bars, she felt that she must be faking trypophobia, or selective trypophobia.

Looking at these things didn’t make her feel bad at all.

Shi Qian took a piece from the top.
“We want this one.”

The old master disagreed and pointed at a plate.
“Let’s get all of them.”

Shi Qian was speechless.

She looked.
A gold bar was 116.64 grams.

There were at least twenty pieces on this plate!

She glanced at the gold price again.

Over a million!

The clerk took the card from the old master and hurried down to swipe it.

Shi Qian picked up her milk tea and took a sip.

She needed to calm her nerves.

The old master tasted it too and immediately frowned.

“It’s not good.
So that’s what milk tea tastes like.”

Shi Qian also felt that it was too sweet and greasy.

“Grandpa, let’s not drink it anymore.
I’ll make it for you when we get home.”

“Okay.” The old master immediately put down the milk tea cup.
He was as happy as a child!

It didn’t take long for the clerk to pack the items.

Shi Qian held it in her hand.
This time, it really felt heavy!

She and the old master walked out.

At this time, she saw a familiar figure standing in the empty field outside.

Song Yan turned around and saw Shi Qian.

He immediately walked toward Shi Qian.

Lin Qinghe also walked over from the other side and stood behind Song Yan.

Song Yan looked at Shi Qian and then at Old Master Fu.

He clearly remembered that Shi Qian and this old master did not know each other that day.

In a short time, they could shop arm in arm.

“Sister, who is this old master? Why don’t I remember you having any other relatives in Cloud City? Introduce him to us.” Lin Qinghe looked harmless.

“Why should I introduce you?” Shi Qian asked.

“I’m… just afraid that you’ll meet bad people.
I don’t want you to be in deep trouble.
Brother Song Yan is very worried about you.”

“Thank you for your concern.
I’m fine,” Shi Qian replied calmly.
“Are you guys here to shop too? What a coincidence.
We have to shop elsewhere.
I’m leaving.”

Shi Qian held the old master.
“Grandpa, let’s go.”

Only then did they turn.

Song Yan blocked their way.

“Qian Qian, I know you’re not that kind of person.
What’s said online is all fake.
It’s all slander! I’ve also made it clear to my parents that they believe in your innocence! Qian Qian, if you have any difficulties, come to me, okay?”

An unknown fire burned in Shi Qian’s heart.

When Madam Song came to cause trouble that time at the hospital, she was already speechless.

She had nothing to do with Song Yan!

Why did she have to suffer such humiliation!

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