“Song Yan, thank you very much for wanting to help me, but there’s nothing I need help with now.” Shi Qian calmly refused.

“Sister, do you know how much Brother Song Yan cares about you? He’ll be very sad if you’re like this!” Lin Qinghe started to stir up trouble again.

“Lin Qinghe, do you think I’m not doing well?” Shi Qian turned to Lin Qinghe and questioned coldly.

Lin Qinghe immediately looked aggrieved and replied, “Sister, we really don’t want to see you fall so low.”

Shi Qian raised her hand and slapped Lin Qinghe!

Lin Qinghe’s lips were bleeding.

“Lin Qinghe, isn’t your father hospitalized? Didn’t your mother confess to her crime? You don’t care about your father’s condition or how many years your mother will be sentenced, yet you still have the mood to make things difficult for me here?”

“If you love Song Yan, fight for him.
Use your abilities to make him marry you! Don’t drag me into everything! It disgusts me!”

When Song Yan heard Shi Qian’s words, he immediately panicked.
“Qian Qian, I have nothing to do with her! The only person I like is you! In the past, now, and in the future!”

“Song Yan, I’m already married.
You already know.
Why are you still so stubborn?”

“You married a vegetable! Haven’t you thought of getting a divorce?”

“She will never get a divorce.” Old Master Fu’s voice was strong.

Song Yan looked at Old Master Fu.

Anger churned in her heart.

“How old are you! Qian Qian can be your granddaughter!”

“Song Yan!” Shi Qian shouted angrily.

“Qian Qian, would you rather find a man so old than come to me?”

Shi Qian raised her hand and waved it at Song Yan.

Insulting her was fine.

She couldn’t insult her grandfather!

Song Yan was stunned.

Shi Qian trembled with anger.

The things in her hands fell to the ground and the pieces of gold fell out.

Lin Qinghe looked at the gold bars and her eyes widened.

“Brother Song Yan, this might be the reason why Sister didn’t look for you.” She quickly used the excuse.

Song Yan looked at Shi Qian and shook his head in disappointment.

“Qian Qian, what happened to you?”

“Song Yan, what have I become?” Shi Qian asked with a faint smile.
“What did you do when your mother misunderstood me?”

“My mother was in a rage.
I was afraid you’d be embarrassed.
I pulled her back and kept explaining it to her.”

“You’re afraid I’ll be embarrassed? I’m already embarrassed.
Don’t you know that?”

Song Yan was speechless.

“Where were you when the Internet was full of my negative news?” Shi Qian asked again.

“I was explaining to my parents.
I was trying to figure out what’s going on online.”

“Alright, even if you’ve always wanted to help me, what about when I was kidnapped by Su Youwei and when I was injured? Did you appear?”

“I don’t know, Qian Qian.
You won’t tell me anything…”

“Enough!” Shi Qian interrupted Song Yan’s explanation.

“Song Yan, you didn’t give me any substantial help when I needed it.
When everything is settled and the truth comes out, say something else.
I know you’ve been wronged.
I believe you.
Do you think there’s any point in saying anything unrelated?”

Song Yan was speechless.

He opened his mouth to explain, but no words came out.

“Song Yan, don’t waste time on me.
You deserve better.” With that, Shi Qian squatted down to pick up the gold bars from the floor.

Looking at Shi Qian, Old Master Fu’s heart ached!

He looked sharply at Song Yan.

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