Song Yan and Old Master Fu looked at each other for three seconds before he couldn’t resist the suppression of this gaze and started to avoid him.

Song, you look talented and young.
Which school did you graduate from?” Old Master Fu asked slowly.

“University of Columbia,” Song Yan answered simply.

Those words alone gave him back his confidence.

The old master nodded.
“That’s right.
A top university in the world.”

Song Yan was surprised.
This old master knew this at his age?

“Let me confirm again what Professor Charles from your University of Columbia said.”

Song Yan was shocked again.

Professor Charles was a mythical existence in his eyes.

He was also a top scientist who studied human genes and genetics.

“When Charles gave his public speech, he said that learning had nothing at all to do with character.” The old master finished the rest of the sentence.

Song Yan immediately felt his face burning!

These words were directed at him.
He had no character.

Song, it’s not wrong to admire someone.
After all, our Qian Qian is outstanding enough.
I agree with your taste very much! However, pestering her is indeed annoying.”

“What do you know? Do you know what my relationship with Qian Qian is? We grew up together and were childhood sweethearts.” Song Yan was still struggling to defend himself.

“Unfortunately, you failed to become her legal husband.” The old master mercilessly punctured reality.

“Also, the vegetable you mentioned has woken up.
I’m his grandfather.
Qian Qian is my granddaughter-in-law.
You don’t have to worry about Qian Qian in the future! She has my grandson and me, her grandfather, to protect her.”

The first few words were just a thorn in Song Yan’s heart.

Then, these words were like a knife stabbing into Song Yan’s heart.

Lin Qinghe was even more surprised.

The vegetable Shi Qian had married had woken up?

Moreover, judging from today’s matter, the Fu family was not a small family at all.

Instead, it might be a rich family.

It was even richer than the Lin family, the richest family in Cloud City!

She was frustrated!

She and her mother had schemed but Shi Qian got away with it!

“Qian Qian, let’s go,” the old master said to Shi Qian.

His attitude was completely different from when his was facing Song Yan.

Shi Qian helped the old master to the second floor.

Song Yan looked at Shi Qian’s departing figure with deep unwillingness.

“Brother Song Yan,” Lin Qinghe called out softly.

“Lin Qinghe, I hope you won’t appear in front of me again.
I already have a physiological disgust for you.” With that, Song Yan strode away.

Lin Qinghe stood rooted to the ground, her face pale.

The person she liked at first sight actually said such things to her!

At this moment, her pride was ruthlessly trampled on!

Ever since she was young, there was nothing that she, Lin Qinghe, could not get!

Men were the same!

… .

Fu Sinian finished his work and picked up his phone.

His private number displayed a list of alerts.

He clicked on it and his brows tightened.

These notifications were all consumption records.

The gap between the first one and the one he had just received was about two hours.

He spent a million yuan on various items.

He knew who had swiped his card.

In recent years, the old master had never liked to spend money and liked to be self-sufficient.

Shi Qian had really underestimated this woman’s methods to make the old master spend so much money!

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