“No! He still loves you! Don’t let your imagination run away with you.
Isn’t your father sick? When you get back from here, you have to stay by his side every day and take good care of him.
Do you understand?”

“Mom, don’t worry.
I know what to do.” Lin Qinghe nodded.

Su Youwei was not worried about this.

After all, she was the daughter she had personally brought up.
If she didn’t have a method of winning people over, she would have raised her for nothing!

“Mom, there’s something else you might not have thought of.
Didn’t we plan for Shi Qian to marry a vegetable? That vegetable has already woken up! He’s also not from a poor little family!”

“How do you know this?”

“I saw it with my own eyes! That vegetable’s grandfather accompanied Shi Qian shopping and bought luxury goods casually.
He even bought such a big bag of gold bars!”

Su Youwei had been locked up for so long and was already muttering in her heart.

Not only did she fail, but Ding Meini also failed!

Lin Shiming had no way of dealing with it yet.

She wondered if someone was targeting her.

Someone who could make Lin Shiming unable to deal with them must have a high status!

If the Fu family was really helping Shi Qian…

Then, the Fu family might really be the Fu family in the capital!

She really regretted it!

If she had known, she would have let Qinghe marry him.
Even if the vegetable did not wake up, she would have enjoyed endless wealth!

She wouldn’t have to pester Lin Shiming like a loser!

There was nothing to say now!

It was too late!

“Remember, don’t provoke Shi Qian! Try to avoid her, do you hear me?” Su Youwei instructed in a low voice.

“Okay.” Although Lin Qinghe agreed, she still felt uncomfortable.

Thinking of Song Yan’s coldness to her, she wished she could kill Shi Qian!

“Mom, do you have anything to say to Dad? He’s in the hospital and can’t come to see you.”

Su Youwei took a deep breath.
“Pick some wildflowers on the way back.”

“Is that it? You won’t say anything?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

Lin Qinghe followed Su Youwei’s instructions and picked a handful of wild flowers by the roadside before arriving at the hospital.

The doctors and nurses gathered around Lin Shiming’s bed.

Lin, if you don’t feel uncomfortable, you can be discharged today.”

“Okay, I’ll get someone to handle the discharge procedures later.”

The doctor and nurse left.

Lin Qinghe came to the bed with a bouquet of wildflowers.

“Dad, are you better?” Lin Qinghe was used to wheedling.
Before Lin Shiming could answer, she leaned into his arms.

Lin Shiming stroked her head and comforted her softly.
“Dad is fine.
Didn’t you hear the doctor say that I can be discharged today?”

“Yes.” Lin Qinghe straightened up and sniffed, looking like she was about to cry.

She held the flowers out to Lin Shiming.

“Dad, Lawyer Chen called me and said it was okay to see Mom.
I went to see Mom.”

As she spoke, she studied Lin Shiming’s reaction.

“How is she?” Lin Shiming asked.

However, he didn’t sound worried.

Lin Qinghe panicked a little.

She was so afraid that something had happened between her parents.
She was so afraid that her father would divorce her mother.

“Mom isn’t okay at all.
She’s so haggard.
She heard me say Dad was in the hospital and was especially worried.
She kept asking about Dad.”

Lin Shiming looked touched.

“Mom specially instructed me to give the flowers I picked to Dad.”

Lin Shiming glanced at the bouquet of wildflowers.

“Dad, when you get better, let’s go see Mom, okay?” Lin Qinghe begged softly.

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