“Qian Qian worked hard to prepare these dishes.
They look, smell, and taste perfect,” the old master said angrily before Fu Sinian could speak.

Even if the food his wife cooked was not delicious, he had to endure it and praise it to the sky!

Obviously, his grandson would never have such an understanding!

Faced with the old master’s murderous gaze, Fu Sinian didn’t say a word.

He put down his chopsticks and looked at Auntie Xu.
“Auntie Xu, help me fry a steak and send it to my room later.”

With that, he started the wheelchair and turned to leave.

The old master was speechless.

Shi Qian looked at Fu Sinian’s back in embarrassment.

Was there really nothing he liked to eat among these dishes?

“If I had known, I would have asked Auntie Xu if he liked these dishes.”

Auntie Xu opened her mouth but could not say anything.

Actually, these dishes were all fine.
Young Master Fu obviously stopped eating because these dishes were made by Young Madam.

How could Young Master Fu treat Young Madam like this?

It was so obvious that he was being unreasonable.

“Qian Qian, don’t worry about him.
He’s always been like this.
Didn’t Auntie Xu tell you that he doesn’t eat too much? He’s the one who’s picky, not you.” The old master comforted her with a gentle voice.

“Ok.” Shi Qian nodded.

Actually, she sensed that Fu Sinian didn’t like her as a person.

Therefore, he hated anything related to her.

“That’s right, Young Madam.
Old Master is right.” Aunt Xu quickly comforted her.

Although Jiang Feng and Bai Jianshen did not say anything, deep down, they were feeling indignant for Shi Qian.

A person like Young Master Fu was suitable to starve for three days!

Let him be arrogant and throw a fit!

“Let’s eat.” Old Master Fu invited everyone to eat.

Jiang Feng picked up a piece of braised pork and placed it in his mouth.

The moment it entered his mouth, the fragrance of meat filled his mouth.
It was fat but not greasy, thin but not dry.
It was soft and sticky!

Moreover, there was a rich soup that the meat was soaked in.
It was simply fragrant!

He quickly picked up his bowl and scooped a large spoonful of meat and soup into his rice.

This was the best braised meat he had ever eaten! There was no other!

Auntie Xu tried the chicken mushroom stew.

The chicken was a native chicken raised by the old master.
It was a little tighter than the meat bought outside.
Even when she cooked it normally, she could not make it so soft, fragrant, and smooth.
Even the bones were fragrant!

“Young Madam, how did you make this chicken? I saw you marinate it.
Can you teach me later?” Auntie Xu wanted to steal the recipe from her.

“Okay, I’ll write down the ingredients later.
It’s very simple.” Shi Qian smiled and nodded.

The old master had just eaten a few pieces of chicken and tasted a piece of braised pork.

His eyes lit up and he turned the plate of braised pork toward him.

Jiang Feng looked at the plate of meat and clenched his chopsticks anxiously.

Finally, he saw the old master pick up the plate and pour the soup into the rice.
He immediately deflated.

If he couldn’t beat the old master, could he lick the plate?

Bai Jianshen was relatively picky about food.

Shi Qian’s food was definitely not exquisite compared to the restaurants outside.
It was just a home-cooked meal.

After he ate a piece of fish, his opinion immediately changed.

It tasted so good!

He tried a few other things.
They actually tasted good.

When his appetite was satisfied and he wanted to eat braised meat and stewed mushrooms with chicken, it was gone!

Jiang Feng had a big appetite to begin with, and he was even more unrestrained today.
He had already finished five bowls of rice!

Bai Jianshen regretted it!

The result of his skepticism was that the food was gone before he was full.

But then, he thought again.

There was also the proud and picky Young Master Fu who did not eat a single bite.

His heart was calm for a moment.

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