She looked at Fu Sinian again.
She didn’t know how to explain.

Could she say she wanted to spend the money?

But everything was for her.

He would only think about how she would spend his money lavishly and turn around to ask for a divorce again.

Wasn’t he trying to mock her?

Fu Sinian saw her pink lips tremble slightly.
Her beautiful eyes immediately lit up, and mist lingered on her long eyelashes.

She didn’t say a word, but one couldn’t help but feel that she had suffered greatly.

Fu Sinian couldn’t help but ask himself that.

Had he misunderstood her?

However, he immediately shook off the thought.

He trusted his judgment.

Shi Qian was a sophomore studying Chinese Drama.

She was a professional actor.

“Wait a moment.” Shi Qian turned and walked out.

After a while, she walked in with a few bags.

She opened them one by one and placed them in front of Fu Sinian.

When Fu Sinian saw the pile of gold bars, his brows tightened slightly.

“All these things I bought today are here.
I don’t know if I can return them.
Will they be discounted when I return them? If there is a discount, I’m willing to take the loss.”

“You can send someone to return the goods.
I can also do it myself.”

“This is the card Madam Fu gave me.
There’s six hundred thousand in total.
Five hundred thousand was for my mother’s surgery in the beginning.
A hundred thousand was for my pocket money.
I swiped a little and paid the hospital’s debt.
It cost about seventeen thousand.
I’ll make up the money too.”

“Also, I can write an IOU for all the expenses of the Fu family’s surgery arrangements for my mother.”

Fu Sinian saw that she was anxious to return these things, and a strange emotion rose in his heart.

These had never belonged to her.

It was understandable that she had returned them.

It was her choice to marry him when he was unconscious for money.

Since she was an adult, she had to be responsible for her actions!

But why did he have the feeling that he was bullying her?

“Young Master Fu, after you’re done eating, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to settle the divorce procedures, okay?” Shi Qian’s voice sounded again.

Fu Sinian felt as if a ball of cotton had been stuffed into his heart.

“Shi Qian, since you want a divorce, you shouldn’t take the trouble to please my family.
The old master is old and can’t take excitement.
He has already acknowledged you as his granddaughter-in-law.
Do you think you can get a divorce as you please?”

Shi Qian’s breathing faltered.
She was depressed.

“I think it’s your fault this happened.
You have a responsibility to settle it properly.”

“Alright, I’m willing to take responsibility.
Young Master Fu, do you have any way to resolve this matter properly?”

“You just have to make my family hate you and not stop us from getting a divorce.”

“Can you be more specific about how you want me to do it?”

“Old Master hates greedy people the most.
Take him shopping a few more times and buy things without restraint.
Naturally, he will hate you.”

“Okay,” Shi Qian agreed without hesitation.

“After we get a divorce, all your mother’s expenses will be paid by the Fu family.
These things are all yours.”

“No, thank you,” Shi Qian refused.

She turned and walked out.

Fu Sinian looked at her determined back and felt suffocated.

He didn’t want to question his judgment.

Yet he felt as if he had wronged her.

With his method, it wouldn’t be long before he could test if she really wanted a divorce or if she had some crooked thoughts.

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