“I charged seventeen thousand yuan to the card Madam Fu gave me.
I returned the money just now.”

With that, she swung the door closed.

Fu Sinian looked at the closed door and unbuttoned his collar.

A trace of frustration rose in his heart.

How dare Shi Qian bargain with him?

She was busy?

What could a student like her have to do?

What angered him the most was that she had said that it would be a few days later, but he had actually indulged her!

… .

Shi Qian had locked herself in her room for the past few days.

The old master knew she was busy and didn’t disturb her.

As planned, she sent all the projects she had completed in a month.

She packed her things and went to the first floor.

Old Master Fu was sitting in the living room.
When he heard footsteps, he immediately looked up.

“Qian Qian, are you done?” The old master hurried forward.

“Yes, I’m done.
Grandpa, let’s go out for a walk?”

“Sure! Let’s go now!” The old master was as excited as a child.

Shi Qian helped him out.

“Wait, Qian Qian, are you going out like this? Where are the things Grandpa bought for you last time? Why aren’t you using those clothes, bags, and jewelry? If you buy those things, you have to use them.
If you don’t use them, won’t it be a waste?”

Shi Qian didn’t dare to say that she had returned those things to Fu Sinian.

She couldn’t let the old master know either.

Otherwise, it would be like complaining about Fu Sinian behind his back.

Fu Sinian wondered what he would think of her again.

“Grandpa, I’m dressed very well too.
It’s simple.
It’s a waste of time to change again.
I haven’t gone out for a few days.
I really want to go out and get some fresh air!”

“Me too.
I haven’t been out for a few days.
I’ve been holding it in! We must take a good look today!”

“Okay!” Shi Qian helped the old master out.

An hour later, Shi Qian and the old master arrived at the mall from the previous time.

Without waiting for Shi Qian to speak, the old master took out a small notebook.
It was filled with notes about what he wanted to buy.

This was the homework he had carefully done over the past few days.

He even learned to search online.

He had seen a lot of things that girls like.

If he encountered anything he felt was appropriate, he would record it.

What others had, his Qian Qian had to have.

What others didn’t have, his Qian Qian had to have too.

He wondered if he could buy everything he listed here.

If he couldn’t buy all of them, he would think of another way!

The old master led Shi Qian into the women’s clothing store.

“Qian Qian, girls are always short of new clothes for the season in their closets.
Go and pick them out.”

“Ok.” Shi Qian nodded.

She had come out today to create the image of insatiable greed, so compared to the last time she had come, she was going all out.

“Grandpa, the clothes here are so beautiful.
I like them all!”

“Grandpa thinks these clothes suit you too.” The old master nodded in agreement.

Coincidentally, it was early spring and the store was full of new models.

The staff was even more attentive.
They pushed row after row in front of Shi Qian.

Shi Qian looked at the hundreds of clothes and calculated in her heart.

She could choose a dozen sets, right?

However, before she could do anything, the old master waved his hand.

“I want them all.
Pay by card!”

… .

Fu Sinian knew that Shi Qian had gone out with the old master.

Every now and then he glanced at his phone.

He had never been so distracted when he worked.
Today, he didn’t have the heart to work.

He was waiting for the phone’s expenditure notification.

However, two hours passed without a single notification on his phone.

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