He slammed the computer shut.

Anger welled up inside him.

He hadn’t spent a single cent after being gone for so long!

She must have heard that Old Master hated greedy people the most, so she didn’t spend any money!

He had actually waited patiently for her for so many days!

She was very brave!

How dare she play tricks with him!

They shopped for a few hours.
Shi Qian could not remember what she had bought or how much she had spent that day.

Anyway, she did as Fu Sinian asked.

As for whether she could return these things after buying them, it was not her concern.

“Qian Qian, I still think girls should buy some diamond jewelry.
Those things are shiny and quite beautiful,” the old master suggested.

The last time, she bought gold bars.

It was practical, but it did not look good!

She couldn’t wear a rope around her neck!

Girls had to be exquisite.

Diamonds can show off a girl’s exquisiteness.

Shi Qian really could not afford it.

But, thinking that she had come with a mission, she immediately stood up again as if on steroids.

“Let’s go to the jewelry store now, Grandpa.”

The old master quickly pulled Shi Qian to the jewelry store.

As soon as she sat down, she took out his small notebook.

“We need bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, and rings!”

The old master read out the list in his hand, and the counterman began to prepare them.

Expensive diamond accessories were brought to Shi Qian one by one.

To be honest, she’d only seen diamonds this big on crystal chandeliers.

How could she show that she was greedy for money and make Old Master hate her?

Trembling, she picked up the largest necklace on the plate.

“Miss, this is the treasure of our shop! You have good taste,” the counterman said immediately.

“Let me look at these again.” Shi Qian put the necklace down.

She picked up a pair of square pink diamond earrings.
The counterman’s voice spoke again.

“This pair of earrings is just right for the necklace just now.
Wear them with this brooch and these hair accessories.
The quality is all top-notch.”

The counter staff picked all the big ones!

Shi Qian had no way of estimating the price of these things.

It must be a shocking price for her!

Her palms were already sweating with guilt.

Once she bought these things, she was greedy enough and vain enough to make his master hate her, right?

“I like all of them,” she said through gritted teeth.

Without a word, the old master took out his card and handed it to the counterman.
“These are all yours.”

Shi Qian’s heart trembled.

She dared not look at the old master’s expression.

She must be very greedy to buy so much!

The old master put the little notebook away.

There were still many things on it that had not been bought.

That was all for today.

This was all that could be bought in Cloud City.

“Qian Qian, are you hungry?” the old master suddenly asked.

Only then did Shi Qian realize that it was five in the afternoon.

“Why don’t I buy you dinner today, Grandpa? We’ll go upstairs to the revolving restaurant.”

“Okay!” The old master nodded happily.

While Shi Qian was shopping, she received a message from the bank.

That Mu Feng had already transferred all the money over!

Shi Qian knew that the cost of a meal at the revolving restaurant was more than a thousand yuan per person.

However, she was rich!

Besides, she still owed the old master a meal, so she could take the opportunity to fulfill her promise.

She was afraid there won’t be a chance in the future.

They went to the dining room and found a seat by the window.

Outside the window, the night view of Cloud City was unobstructed.

The stars in the sky were bright, and the neon lights on the ground were dazzling.

The old master liked the environment very much.

This was the right place for a couple’s date.

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