On each table was a large bouquet of red roses.

This was for the girls who came to eat at the restaurant.

The service of the restaurant was so thoughtful.

Old Master Fu suddenly sighed.

If Fu Sinian had any EQ, he would be the one sitting opposite Qian Qian, not an old master like him!

Sigh, the more he thought about it, the angrier he got!

After the meal, Shi Qian prepared to pay the bill.

The old master immediately stopped her.

“Your treat.
Grandpa’s paying.”

“No! This meal must be on me.” Shi Qian was very firm.

The old master was still holding the bill tightly and looking at Shi Qian with dignity.

“Just give me a chance, Grandpa!” she wheedled.

“I will use my own money! Two days ago, I was busy recording.
I handed in my task today and received the money!”

The old master loosened a little.

“Grandpa won’t even give me this chance?”

“Okay, okay, you pay.” The old master let go.

Shi Qian happily took the bill and paid.

The old master was overjoyed.

Qian Qian had treated him to this meal with her salary!

This girl had worked hard in her room for a few days to earn money for him!

Oh, why was his heart so warm!


… .

The clock on the wall read a quarter to nine.

Only then did she hear the car outside.

Shi Qian helped the old master out of the car.

She held the old master’s arm with one hand and a large bouquet of red roses with the other.

Along the way, Shi Qian was secretly pondering.

Had she achieved her goal today?

However, the old master’s emotions were really difficult to figure out.

At least, on the surface, he didn’t seem to hate her at all.

As soon as the two of them entered the house, Shi Qian’s smile froze.

The light in the living room was dim.
Only the floor lamp beside the sofa was on.

Fu Sinian sat alone under the light.

His gaze landed on Shi Qian forcefully and fiercely.

There was nothing in Shi Qian’s hand except a large bouquet of flowers.

He had waited until now, but he had not received a single expenditure notification.

He wanted to see how this woman could quibble!

Shi Qian could not breathe under his gaze.

Fu Sinian’s emotions were even more unpredictable.
Besides, he was moody.

Had she spent too much today?

She had forgotten to ask what his upper limit was!

When the old master saw Fu Sinian like this, his anger rose.

“What are you doing in the living room at this hour instead of resting?” the old master said in disgust.

He turned to look at Shi Qian and immediately changed her expression.
She said to Shi Qian lovingly, “Qian Qian, you’ve been tired all day.
Go and rest.”

Before Shi Qian could answer, Fu Sinian spoke.

“Since we’re legally married, shouldn’t we stay together?” He said this to Shi Qian.

Shi Qian looked at him in shock.

If he wasn’t Fu Sinian, she would definitely think that he was a little crazy!

The old master couldn’t believe his ears either.

What was wrong with this grandson of his? Was he enlightened?

“Push me back to my room to rest,” Fu Sinian said suddenly.

Shi Qian was dumbfounded!

She wanted to see what was wrong with Fu Sinian!

She walked behind Fu Sinian and was about to push the wheelchair when she realized that she was still carrying a large bouquet of red roses.
She stuffed the flowers into Fu Sinian’s arms!

Fu Sinian didn’t even have the right to refuse.
Such a large bouquet of flowers filled his arms!

The old master looked at Fu Sinian with inexplicable joy.

He wanted to smile but held back.

He felt that in the future, Qian Qian would definitely be able to control Fu Sinian!

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