Shi Qian pushed Fu Sinian back into the room.

Fu Sinian pushed the flowers out of his arms with a disgusted expression.

The big bouquet of flowers fell to the ground.

Shi Qian picked up the flowers and looked at Fu Sinian angrily.

Few people could meet Fu Sinian’s eyes when he was furious.

Shi Qian was one of them.

“Young Master Fu, I’ve already done as you said,” Shi Qian said neither servile nor overbearing.

“You just bought this bunch of lousy flowers?” Fu Sinian asked sarcastically.

“I didn’t buy these flowers.
They were from dinner.
I bought them…”

“Shi Qian, you might not know this, but I can make the hospital stop your mother’s treatment with a word,” Fu Sinian interrupted Shi Qian directly.

He did not want to waste time with her!

Shi Qian’s face was suddenly as pale as paper.

It was as if all the blood in his body had been sucked out!

At this moment, the emotions surging in her heart were extremely complicated.
They intertwined and made it impossible for her to breathe.

For a moment, she thought of many things.

After her mother divorced Lin Shiming, she took her away from Cloud City.

They were not wealthy.

There had been a long time when it had been difficult to make ends meet.

They rented a small ten-square-meter house.
It was dark, dark, and damp.
All day long, there was no sunlight.

She hadn’t bought a new dress in more than three years.
Her clothes and school uniform were short and tight on her.

She had been mocked mercilessly behind her back.

She didn’t find it bitter at all.

Later, she successfully got into a university.
Her mother, who had worked hard for most of her life, suddenly had kidney disease.

She did not feel bitter when she took care of her mother and delayed her graduation to seek treatment for her.

She had no choice but to marry Lin Shiming.
She still didn’t feel bitter about being humiliated by Su Youwei and schemed against when she had to marry the unconscious Fu Sinian.

There had always been hope for her mother’s illness to be cured.

However, Fu Sinian’s words filled her with bitterness.

It was the helplessness of being squeezed and strangled.

She felt suffocated by being dominated by others!

She suddenly regretted it.

She regretted letting her mother go to the capital.

She regretted pinning all her hopes on the Fu family.

If not, Fu Sinian couldn’t threaten her with her mother!

Shi Qian tried to calm down and looked at Fu Sinian.

“Young Master Fu, I believe you can do it! If you’re dissatisfied with me, you can tell me! With your status, it’s really beneath you to threaten others with their sick mother!”

Fu Sinian choked.

How dare she contradict him?

She was so self-righteous!

“What did you do when you went out today?” Fu Sinian asked coldly.

“Of course I did what you said and bought things for Grandpa for a few hours!”

Fu Sinian took out his phone.
“Why weren’t there any spending notifications?”

Shi Qian took the phone and scrolled through it.

The spending notifications were from that day.
There was not a single notification of what she had bought today.

However, she saw that the old master’s card was identical to the one that day.

Shi Qian could not understand why this was happening.

“Could it be that he didn’t use the same card?”

Fu Sinian didn’t respond.
The way he looked at Shi Qian said it all.

He didn’t believe her.

“There’s no notification, but things will be sent! I know you won’t believe anything I say now.
When you see those things, you’ll be able to prove that what I’m saying is true!”

“I did as you asked.
If you really did it to make the old master hate you, what do you think his attitude should be towards you now?” Fu Sinian questioned.

“You were the one who said that the old master hated greedy people the most.
As long as I was greedy enough, he would hate me! I did everything you asked!” Shi Qian retorted loudly.

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