The air in the room seemed to have frozen.

Fu Sinian looked at Shi Qian.

Shi Qian stared back at him.

They stood there in a stalemate.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Are you asleep, Qian Qian?” the old master asked.

“Still awake,” Shi Qian replied.

“Everything we bought today has been sent over.
Come out and take a look.
There’s no room here.
I’ll get Jin An to send a batch back to Riverside Villa.”

“Coming, Grandpa!” Shi Qian turned and walked towards Fu Sinian.

Without asking for his opinion, she turned the wheelchair around and walked towards the door!

Her movements were very brazen.
The spin just now made Fu Sinian dizzy.

He immediately gripped the armrest to steady himself.

The old master sat on the sofa.
The living room was already filled with today’s spoils.

Jin An was still moving things into the house.

Shi Qian looked at the things that filled the entire living room and pushed Fu Sinian forward, placing him in the middle of a pile.

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands.

This woman was too arrogant!

“Young Master Fu, these are all the things I bought today.” Shi Qian opened a bag and took out a dress.

She flipped over the tag and glanced at it, then placed it over her body.

“This dress cost more than thirty thousand yuan!”

After looking at that one, she opened another packet.

It was still a dress.

The key was that apart from the different colors, the two dresses were very similar.

“This one is also more than thirty thousand.
It’s the same series.
One red and one green.
I bought them all!” Shi Qian said proudly.

She even felt proud!

As soon as these things arrived, she didn’t need to explain!

Fu Sinian took a look for himself.

He would see that she did as he asked!

“The style is different,” the old master interjected.
“The red is sweet and the green is fresh.
It’s completely different on Qian Qian.”

Fu Sinian glanced at the old master.

“What are you looking at? I didn’t buy it with your card!” the old master replied coldly.

Fu Sinian choked.

So that was it!

The old master had bought these things with his own card!

The old master looked at Shi Qian lovingly.

Although he had raised him as his grandson, he had never experienced anything like this.

Indeed, raising a girl felt more fulfilling!


Shi Qian tore open more than ten sets of clothes in one go.
She opened each set in front of Fu Sinian and told him the prices.

How confident Fu Sinian had just been.

This was as frustrating as it got.

In his life, he had never been so forbearing.

He looked at Shi Qian.
She’d better stop now.

Shi Qian understood the warning in his eyes.

She refused!

“Young Master Fu, I won’t open the clothes.
Let me show you the shoes I bought!”

She trudged through the pile of items.

She took out a pair of shoes and put them on her feet.

“Young Master Fu, this pair is a limited edition.
Let me see the price.

After testing this pair, Shi Qian took out another pair.

Fu Sinian secretly clenched his hands.

Was this woman done?!

After Shi Qian tried more than a dozen pairs of shoes in one breath, she began to open other things.

She was very tired!

But she couldn’t stop herself.

She wanted to prove to Fu Sinian that she didn’t care about being Mrs.
Fu at all!

She did everything he asked!

The final highlight was the diamonds.

Shi Qian brought a plate of diamond accessories to Fu Sinian.

“Young Master Fu, look at these diamonds! I picked the biggest ones! I didn’t even look at the price.
I bought a plate of them.”

Shi Qian picked up the necklace and draped it around her neck.

The light of the diamonds lit up her small face.

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